September 20, 2023 at 2:33 am

‘They are the sweetest snakes you’ll ever come across.’ Snake Handler Shows The Delicate Process Of Hatching An Egg Clutch Of Adorable Pythons

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

If you don’t like snakes, you will probably still love this because it’s pretty much most adorable thing you’ll read today.

So, this is how to handle a new momma python’s eggs, according to The Molinaro Snake Lab.

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

The poster carefully lifts up the new mom snake and unveils her healthy eggs, marking them with an X, he says to show if “they accidentally roll during incubation.”

But OH NO!!!!!! Something’s gone wrong.

One of the pythons is a slug and that means the egg isn’t viable and the poster has to remove it and its sibling egg could be in trouble.

But no, this guy’s an expert – so he’s able to remove the slug egg from another egg.

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

He got the egg free.  And now it’s time for momma snake’s bath.

The poster puts the four remaining eggs in a snug egg box while momma takes chill time.  After all, she’s a new mom!

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

But oh no – more drama!

One of the snake fetuses is upside down in an egg!

The poster says: “This could be big trouble for the egg.”

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

He removes the egg and rotates it to try to help the baby python sit the right way up!

If the baby doesn’t go to the top of the egg, the shell could crush it or it could DROWN! Told you there was drama.

“I’m hoping I’ve found it in time and the damage isn’t already done,” he tells his followers.

By day 59 of incubation, two of the four eggs have hatched and the cutest little pythons are finding their way in the box.

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

We told you you’d enjoy this.

And now for a fairytale ending!

The poster says: “They are the sweetest snakes you’ll ever come across, especially if you handle them from a young age.”

And this little guy is so cute the poster is thinking about keeping him.

We don’t blame him. Look at his little eyes!

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

Watch the full glorious video here:


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And here’s what snakey posters thought.

No, their mouths are for eating…

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

Good question, what is a slug!

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

True! This guy deserves all the follows for this epic video!

Source: TikTok/@molinaro_snake_lab

Such a cool process to see!