September 28, 2023 at 10:42 am

‘8,000 items are now reflected as zero inventory.’ Woman Shares How She Accidentally Deleted An Entire Store’s Inventory

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@2beach4surf

There’s a bad day at the office and there’s a BAD day at the office.  And this store worker’s had the latter.

In her bid to do everything right, she did everything wrong and deleted her whole store’s inventory!!!!

Source: TikTok/@2beach4surf

“I do inventory, it’s all great.  Today’s my first day to do it alone.  I followed my little sheet of paper.  I trust whoever made the piece of paper would know what they were talking about, right?,” she told her followers.

“Followed it to a T… I’m an A student… I do as I’m told. I did everything the paperwork said, including click a button that says ‘zero all’. It said right on the paper ‘click’ it, so I clicked it,” she added in a manic voice.

AND we are feeling her pain!

Source: TikTok/@2beach4surf

“I knew immediately something wasn’t right,” she said, laughing in a way that means she thought it’s all over.

“So, I ran up to the manager and said ‘I think something’s not right.’ He looks at it and is like ‘Oh ****,  Whady’a click?’ I said ‘Zero all.’ He said  ‘You didn’t.'”

Dun dun dun!!!!

Source: TikTok/@2beach4surf

She explained how she’d been following the instructions. Her manager said she was meant to ‘Filter it by brand.’

He said, “You zeroed out the store’s entire inventory.”

She explained to TikTok: “8,000 items are now reflected as zero inventory. I followed that paperwork to a T, I did everything it told me…. they literally gave me a piece of paper to take down the whole store, the whole system I took it down. Anyone shopping on our website we’re sold out of everything, it’s all gone, it’s zero…. I just said let me know the right way to do it next time, okay.”

Now, that, that’s a BAD day at the office!!!!

Here’s the full clip:


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Here’s what ya’ll thought of this store worker’s day from Hell:

This guy’s questioning this store’s thought processes…

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Ah the Swiss cheese problem… of course.

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For some the delete all button could come in handy, but we won’t ask why.

Source: TikTok/@2beach4surf

Yikes! That would have been so embarrassing.