November 13, 2023 at 1:49 pm

‘I literally froze like a deer in headlights.’ Woman Said A Man Figured Out Her Name By Using iPhone’s Airdrop

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

AirDrop creepiness alert!

A woman named Kelly talked to viewers about an unsettling experience she had at an airport.

She said that she was sitting in an airport doing work on her computer and a man gave up his seat for her so she could charge her computer.

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

She said the man returned a few minutes later and tried to make small talk with her even though she was wearing headphones and it was obvious that she was busy.

Kelly told the man, “Hey, I’m so sorry but I have a deadline, I have to focus on this.”

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

Out of nowhere, he asked her is she is Kelly R.

Kelly said, “I literally froze like a deer in headlights. How do you know that?”

The man told her that when he opened his AirDrop he saw the name and assumed it was her.

She ended the video by saying, “Change your AirDrop name now.”

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

Here’s her video.


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And here’s what people had to say about it.

This person shared some advice about what she should do.

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

This person asked a question that seems kind of odd…

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

And this individual agreed that she needs to change her settings so this doesn’t happen again.

Source: TikTok/@dinkprogressivedogmom

Keep your eyes peeled out there, folks!

There are creeps everywhere…