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‘No, get your manager. Right now.’ Employee Tries To Warn Customer That Speaking To The Manager Will Only Make Things Worse

by Trisha Leigh

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If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that low-level, customer-facing employees typically do not care about the business’s bottom line the way their superiors probably hope.

OP worked at a fast food place where all of the “extras” like sauce and dressing cost more money. He and the other cash-register employees didn’t always charge people for the extras, though if their manager was around, they knew that they had to.

A few years ago, i worked as a cashier at a fast food restaurant. I don’t eat fast food, so i don’t know how it is with other places, but with this establishment, nothing was free.

You want sauce with your tacos? That’s $.50, please.

Substitute your sour cream with guacamole? Sorry, you have to pay for that.

You want ranch with your salad? That’ll be extra.

All of these prices were very prominently displayed on a giant menu in the middle of the lobby, by the way.

Now, i was paid minimum wage. I, nor any of the other cashiers, could not give a hoot about all that. It also made the prices ridiculous, as a lot of customers naturally wanted add-ons. So, usually, we wouldn’t charge for most of those things.

We could only get away with that when our manager was not in the front, as she was the strict type. yell-at-you-in-front-of-the-customers-for giving-away-a-free-sauce type.

One day, he had an older woman order a salad with a bunch of things that should have been up charges. He felt like he had to charge something so rang up an extra dollar.

On a slow day, an older woman walked in and ordered a salad. By the time it got to the register, she’d loaded it with a bunch of extras.

To be completely honest, there was no rhyme or reason to what i chose to charge people for; it really depended on my mood.

Her salad was pretty accessorized, so i felt like i had to charge for something, but i was having a good day, so i just rang her up for the salad and extra guacamole and that’s all. It was something like $12.50.

She immediately started to complain about the price. I explained to her that it was $11.50 for the salad and $1 for the guac.

She balked at the price but he tried explaining that everything was clearly listed on the menu.

“That’s ridiculous. It shouldn’t cost that much just for a salad. Even $11 is way too much!”

“iIm sorry ma’am, but that’s the price that’s on the menu.”

“Why did you raise the price so high? A salad should not cost that much.”

I tried to explain that i was only a cashier and did not, in fact, control the menus, but she would have none of it and only grew increasingly rude.

After a minute, she asked for the manager. He told her she didn’t want to do that, but she insisted.

Then, she dropped the classic, dreaded line.

“Can i speak to your manager?”

I hesitated, looked her in the eye, and said, “you don’t want to do that.”

“No, get your manager. Right now.”

The manager looked at the issue and proceeded to yell at OP for not charging enough, adding four whole dollars to the total.

So I went to the back and told my manager that there was a customer who wanted to speak with her.

She came to the register with me, looked at the salad, looked at what i rang up, and immediately started going off about how i didn’t add the salsa, the chips, the house dressing.

I was used to this, so i just stood there and stared at the customer as my manager screamed at me.

The customer stared back, dumbfounded, as my manager took over the register, corrected the order, and left without acknowledging her at all.

The salad came out to be around $16.50. The woman paid and left without another word.

OP shrugged, but does Reddit think he should have done something different? Let’s find out!

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