November 20, 2023 at 10:22 am

Woman Went To Police After Her Food Was Tampered With During A Prank. Did She Got Too Far?

by Matthew Gilligan

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When does a prank go too far?

I’d venture to say that happens when someone gets their feelings hurt or they’re put in some kind of physical danger.

The woman who wrote this story on Reddit wants to know if she was out of line for what she did after her friends decided to prank her.

AITA for going to the police over a ‘prank’.

“To preface this, I (24F) am vegan, and have been for a good 10 years.

I have not eaten meat since I was roughly 3-4 years old when I found out where meat comes from (spoiler alert: there were a lot of tears). This is no secret and everyone in my life knows and respects this – or so I thought.

She had a little too much to drink…

Four nights ago, I was at a party and I will admit, I got white girl wasted. My friends thought it would be funny to feed me chicken nuggets as a prank. I checked with them before chowing down “are these vegan?” To which my friends replied “yeah, they’re sun fed” (a type of vegan chickenless chicken).

They tasted off to me but I figured it was just because I was intoxicated.

I was wrong.

And then she got hit upside the head with some news from her sister.

I found out the next day when my sister sent me a message telling me to check my friends Snapchat story. The story was them showing the nugget packaging, and then showing them giving them to me (including the conversation where I asked if it was vegan).

She was upset and was not messing around.

That and then later them mocking me and pretending to be me when I found out I ate meat (things like fake crying and yelling “the CHICKENS!!!”).

I took a screen recording of the video and took it to the police, on the grounds of food tampering, and now 3 of my (ex) friends are facing charges.

They all think that I’m overreacting to a ‘harmless’ prank, so Reddit, AITA?

In my view, they took advantage of my intoxicated state, tampered with my food, and publically humiliated me.

In their view, it was just a prank.”

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Did she go too far or was she justified in her actions?

Folks seem pretty divided on this one.