December 16, 2023 at 4:45 pm

SmileDirect Went Bankrupt In The Middle Of Her Teeth Aligning Treatment, But She Has A Risky Plan To See It Through

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

Companies go out of business. It happens, and it can put people in a real bind.

And there’s no doubt it’s a little sad to see a product or entire company fold, especially when you kinda liked them the whole time.

@rebekka_reyn shares her story about SmileDirect going bankrupt as she’s just starting to see great results from their treatment.

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

The good news is the company announced that there will be refunds for folks who didn’t already get their teeth aligners, but for those who already have… there’s a bit of bad news.

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

Apparently there are check-ins with orthodontists built into the costs of the aligners, presumably to make sure everything is going good.

Yeah… that’s not gonna happen anymore.

But because Rebekka is happy with their product so far… she’s gonna keep going.

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

She understands the risks associated with it, and has an orthodontist on speed-dial should anything adverse happen. But this could cost her some serious cash because she’ll have to pay out of pocket to see one.

And ya know what? I think that’s exactly what I’d do. If a product is working and you’re not seeing any warning signs, you might as well take the risk.

Watch the full story here:


Replying to @JellyBeanTV #smiledirectclub @Rebekka Reynolds has officially closed down their business while I’m in the middle of treatment. @Forbes @SmileDirectClub @The New York Times @cbsnews

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Now let’s see what others are saying!

This person looks like she was just barely too late.

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

One reply was extremely helpful it seems.

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

While another, with first-hand experience, has seen some rough situations.

Source: TikTok/@rebekka_reyn

What do you think? Is Rebekka wrong to risk it?

Either way, we hope it works out for her!

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