January 29, 2024 at 10:27 am

His “Boomer Boss” Gave Him A Measly 10-Cent Raise, So He’s Calling Him Out For Being Cheap

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

If you’re stuck in a job you don’t love AND you don’t make enough money, this video might trigger you.

It comes to us from a TikTokker named Chris who stitched his story to a video from a woman named Mary who talked about how she thinks Boomers are out of touch with what’s going on these days.

Chris said, “My first job when I graduated college with a finance degree was a bank teller making $9 an hour. My take home pay every 2 weeks after taxes and health insurance was less than $600. So I was bringing home $1,200 a month as a grown man with a college degree working full time in America.”

Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

He then added, “My boss was a Boomer she was probably 55 at the time and this was 14 years ago. We’re sitting around one day talking in the lunchroom and she says one of the employees is getting married we should chip in for a present she wanted all of us to chip in thirty dollars.”

Chris told his Boomer boss that he didn’t have any spare money because of his strict budget and explained, “I told her sorry I can’t do that I can’t afford it. And she looked at me like she was blown away by my comment. And she said how can you not afford thirty dollars? And I said because I’m working full time at this bank and I’m making $18,000 a year and she just kind of shrugged but that $1,200 a month I was making had to pay for an apartment.”

Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

Chris added that he also had to pay for things such as “a car payment, student loan payments, cause I just graduated, health insurance, gas at the time for $4 a gallon, this was 2008.”

After this conversation, his boss told him that he was getting a raise…a 10-cent an hour raise…

Chris said, “Yes she found it in her heart to give me a ten-cent pay raise which equated to about four bucks a week or two hundred dollars for the whole year. And the sad part was she had no idea how insulting that was.”

Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

Check out the video.


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Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

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Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

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Source: TikTok/@chris_gerbig

What a joke!

I’d be pretty angry too!

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