January 30, 2024 at 10:52 am

Waitress Laughed At His “Fruity” Drink Order, So He Made Her Feel Horrible

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Let’s face it. There are definitely “manly” drinks.

A cold brewski from the tap? Classic. Ordering a classic old fashioned screams “I’m a man. I’m beyond the taste of the drink. I have a refined palette.”

But I think its time to start opening up our options men!

Get something fruity! Enjoy your drink! Order a Daquiri and don’t let anyone stop you!

Well apparently the user in this story is with me, but when he ordered a Piña Colada, his bartender snickered at him!

Check out the hilarious way he got back at her below!

A barmaid laughed at my drink order.

I was on holiday with my son (14) and we were watching the football in a bar in the evening.

I don’t really drink but do enjoy a cocktail while on holiday.

The server came by and asked if we wanted drinks, I asked for a Piña Colada and she sniggered a little at the order and kind of laughed out an “okay” then walked off to make it.

What kind of bartender judges a customer’s order? Let the man enjoy his Piña Colada!

But OP had a plan to make her regret her laugh.

This annoyed me a little, I’m just a grown man wanting to drink a tasty cocktail what’s wrong with that?

When she brought the drink back I got my petty revenge.

As she was placing the drink on the table I said, “My mum loved these, God rest her. I always have one on the anniversary of her death to remember her.”

Cue a major face-crack on from Ms. Bartender.

Obviously she changed her tune after that, but OP had the cherry on top of this petty sundae!

She looked horrified and tried to shuffle off quickly, so I asked her for a cocktail stirrer so she had to come back again.

When she came back I took a sip from the straw, kissed my hand and pointed to the sky trying to look sad.

She was so visibly uncomfortably I had to stifle my own laughs. She noticeably avoided our table multiple times after this.

I’m sure she’ll think twice about commenting on anyone’s drink in the future!

Reddit couldn’t stop laughing at this simple but genius revenge, with many users sharing their own stories of men enjoying cocktails!

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And this user even said that her and her husband’s drinks are often mixed up by servers!

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This commenter was passionate about letting men enjoy their cocktail of choice!

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This user thought that OP’s lie could have easily backfired!

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And finally this wife said it would be exhausting if her husband took himself that seriously!

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Well, I think this story calls for a celebratory Piña Colada, or Mai Tai, or maybe a Cosmopolitan!

Or whatever you want, guys! Drink up!