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Grocery Store Told an Employee They Couldn’t Show Their Tattoos, So They Got Their Work Uniform Filthy And Got The Rules Changed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@matheusferrero

What year is it again?

Sometimes I say that to myself when I hear about people getting all bent out of shape about things like tattoos and hairstyles.

It’s ridiculous!

But not everyone has learned that lesson yet…

Check out what this Reddit user did when they were told they couldn’t show their tattoos at work.

We think you’ll be impressed!

No visible tattoos.

“Years ago I worked in the deli section of a grocery store, it was with the kind of people that get a promotion and immediately forget where they came from and have unrealistic expectations of you.

I had to slice meat and cheese for customers, make sandwiches make all the fried foods (wings, fried chicken, potato wedges, etc.) When i was hired I had my sleeves rolled to just below my elbow and I talked to the hiring manager about my tattoos (it’s the names of my kids, so nothing offensive.)

They decided to change the rules…

Anyway, about a year after I’m there they decide that tattoos and piercings are against dress code. Anyone with piercings had to take them out and anyone with tattoos had to cover them up.

Since my tattoos go down to my wrists I asked if that went for me as well, because I am handling people’s food all day, and if my sleeve gets dirty I don’t want it near someone’s sandwich or something. They scoffed at me and told me that I should have thought about future employment when getting my tattoo.

So I figured I can’t break the roles so I won’t. The next day as the main bosses of the store were walking around I had my sleeves down to my wrists, but I was making fried chicken so my shirt was soaked in chicken blood all the way up to my elbows.

What did I do?

We had to cook 3 boxes every morning, about 150 pounds of chicken, and I was halfway through the 3rd box. When they yelled at me to stop what I was doing, I just innocently asked “what’s wrong can you see my tattoo?”

They didn’t answer me, 1 just stared mouth agape, and the other looked like he was trying to set me on fire with his mind. So i said “well if theres nothing else im almost done here, and I’ll start making sandwiches.” they told me to go ahead and go home for the day.

These are YOUR rules!

They tried to fire me but since it was documented that I asked about long sleeves being unsanitary and I was basically told “sucks to suck” they can’t fire me for following the rules they set in place.

Let’s see who wins this power struggle.

So they tried to start cutting my hours, so I said (very publicly again) that it felt like retaliation for the the sleeves thing. So i said I would need to speak with a lawyer (I couldn’t afford one but they didn’t know that). And finally a month later they told me that i was allowed to have my sleeves rolled up while working behind the counter.

To which I responded, “I actually found another job ive been there for 2 weeks, have the day your employees think you deserve.””

Now let’s see how people responded.

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That’ll show ’em!

Nice work!

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