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His New Sargeant Wanted To Be In Charge, So He Let Him Sign Off On A Big Mistake

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

If you’ve ever worked for the government, you know that there are a plethora of people who find places in management positions. There’s also a lot of financial waste, but that’s probably true of large corporations everywhere.

And the cogs in the wheel? They don’t care if they waste some of the government’s cash to make their own lives easier.

OP had a simple but annoying task assigned to him.

So back when I was in my first unit we had to ship all of our 7 tons off to get up armoured. That meant that over a year or so we shipped them all from South Carolina to Wisconsin.

I was in charge of logistics at the time so I coordinated it all and loaded the trucks. Overall, a pretty easy task. The only challenge was the documentation.

It got worse when a new sergeant arrived and took over.

Anyways, it was all going well until this new SSgt showed up in the motor pool. He was an jerk. Just treated everyone like crap. He made my life miserable when I tried to ship these trucks.

Like I didn’t want too, it wasn’t overly fun. Sometimes it even required me to work on weekends, so I would have been happy just not doing it.

However, I had to, HQMC ordered it, so there was no reason for him to be pissy with me.

Since he wanted to be the boss so badly, OP let him sign off on a big error.

Anyways, so once he took over shipping these trucks became a pain in the rear because he would want to micromanage because I was a lower rank. So I let him and he wanted to sign stuff. So I made up lines for him to sign.

So finally I had it with him. One day I decided since he wanted to sign and be important I would mess him up. So when my next big shipment (like 4 trucks) came along I decided that instead of sending them to Wisconsin like they were supposed to go, I would send them somewhere else.

I decided 29 Palms California would be a great location. So I changed some codes on the sheets, gave them to the SSgt who made more dumb comments and signed blindly.

So off we shipped these trucks.

When the dust settled there was no one else to blame.

Well, a couple weeks later the call comes in that our trucks never arrived. So the command starts getting worried that a few trucks had gone missing.

They come to our shop and we just informed them that this SSgt had taken charge of all the shipments lately. So they go to him and he proudly said he had taken over, but crumbled when they asked him where the trucks were.

It took them a couple of weeks but finally a call from 29 Palms came into our command that they had these trucks show up but nobody had claimed them. The command flipped their lids.

As far as they were concerned this stupid SSgt got involved in stuff he didn’t need to get involved in and sent four big trucks across the country instead of where they needed to be.

He got told to leave the logistics to the logistics department and I had the whole thing solved in an hour.

Does Reddit think this is great revenge? Let’s find out!

Everyone loves military tales.

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It’s all pretty funny, honestly.

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I could read military stories all day.

Despite all of the curses.

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