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Mom Felt She Wasn’t Appreciated For Doing Basic Stuff, So Her Son Started Giving Her Trophies For Everything She Did

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@giorgiotrovato

Do kids take things too far sometimes?


But did the mom in this story deserve to be treated like this?

Well, I guess that’s open to interpretation…

So you gotta read this story from Reddit and see what you think.

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You want a trophy for that?

“This happened to one of my cousins (let’s call him Tim for the sake of the story) which he did to his mom.

His mom needs to chill out.

Tim’s mom is a bit of an attention seeker and always wanted to get validation over every single thing she does, and always moaning and complaining that she doesn’t get appreciated enough in the house for all the things she does for the family, even though some of the things she does is just basic common sense to do.

So one day Tim, after another round of annoying complaints and moans from his mother, sarcastically asked her, “Wow, amazing. You did a great job! You want a trophy for that?”

His mom, angered by his sarcasm, blurted out, “Yes! Maybe I deserve a trophy for everything I’ve done in this bloody house!”

She shouldn’t have said that…

Cue malicious compliance.

Tim went to one of those warehouse stores that sells a whole bunch of knickknacks and found a huge box of tiny toy plastic trophies that was sold at a bargain price. He bought the whole box, and monitored his mom.

It started off with things like when she did the laundry, or cooked dinner, or cleaned the house, he would give her a trophy, and made a huge fanfare about it, with celebratory music in the background and him giving her the cringiest and most exaggerated congrats to her on a “job well done”.

Great job!

Then it moved on to more things like if she sneezed, or cough, or went to the toilet, or took a bath, or even when she ate or drank anything.

Every single mundane thing she did, he would give her a trophy with all the works, and even got to the point where he would spring into her room to give her a trophy just for waking up in the morning to “successfully” turn off the alarm.

Tim carried on for almost 2 weeks until her dresser was completely filled with his tiny trophies, and his mom’s face looked like she was about to explode and rain the fear of God on him seeing those annoying trophies.

I think she learned her lesson.

Luckily for him, Tim’s mom was reminded by Tim’s dad that she was the one who asked for it (he was there when Tim and his mom had that first argument that started all this) and that he was only doing as she asked. She begrudgingly barked at Tim to get rid of all the trophies, though I can’t remember what Tim said he did with them.

Still didn’t really stop her from being an attention seeker, but she never dared to call Tim on his bluff again.”

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Well played, my friend…

Well played…

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