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Aggressive Manager Threatened Them At Work, But They Didn’t Back Down And Ended Up Getting Him Fired And Sent To Jail

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@MaxxAsura

Some people need to learn the hard way

And I’d say that going to jail is pretty hard, wouldn’t you?

You better believe it!

Take a look at how this person dealt with a manager at work who stepped WAY over the line.

You want to think you can threaten me with no consequences, enjoy jail time.

“I used to work at a Gas Station (Me being only 20 at the time, I needed a job since I was new to my area after moving from one state to another) and the job was good, the Manager….she was awesome.

She was the sweetest thing before she left and the manager after was just as awesome before I moved to a new apartment, but the previous Assistant Manager when I started working there….Lets call him Richard, for obvious reasons. And lets call the 1st Manager Angel.

This guy was a piece of work.

Richard was known to be a very hostile, creepy jerk when not around the manager, and made us try to do his load of the work and blamed us for being lazy when we couldn’t do it and our jobs fast enough.

My Co-workers and I had brought the situation to the higher ups numerous times, and as much as she wanted us to be heard, Angel couldn’t do anything, and it came to a boiling point 2 months down the line on my end.

Little fact about me, I am timid, I am autistic, and I get very VERY stressed when someone threatens me with my life. I get very very sick to my core and lack of breathing if I have to deal with that, and I used that to my advantage.

On the shift I was supposed to be working that day, I had asked my friend Cross if I could borrow his speaker to listen to my music, my manager said as long as I can do my job behind the register and Cross was okay with it.

I can listen to my music, and I asked specifically if I can borrow it to take home for a couple days until my new Speaker came in that I brought the previous paycheck, Cross said okay, and shift change happened and Richard came in.

This guy was aggressive.

He sees me listening to my music and he asks me to play his music from his phone on Cross’ speaker, I said no, the speaker is mine for the next couple days and I don’t want to be held responsible for any damage, he then whispers under his breathe for me to hear but for the cameras in the store to not pick up “I have a knife, you know” and I basically in a single moment, and quickly too, came up with a way to end his BS.

The Revenge:

It was time for this guy to learn a lesson.

I yelled at him loud enough to him so the cameras can pick it up, knowing that he would have to say something to defend himself “Why are you threatening me with a knife?!” and I kinda had a mixture of fear if he actually had one, and determination to make this man suffer for me and my co-workers verbal abuse and ****** harassment for the past couple months.

He backs away and said “Hey Hey it was just a joke, chill out” and I knew I had to do something because at that point, I said “A joke huh? Here is a good joke, have fun working alone, I quit” I walked out, called my mother who I lived with nearby, explained the situation in tears after the adrenaline and fear finished its end.

And I then was told and called my Manager to explain to her the situation. I then told her that I knew he had the knife on him, because I saw a Pocketknife in the Office, and it was a custom one with his name on it.

Me and my mom after she picked me up and took me back to the store to talk with my manager, I wound up in a situation, with the Manager, the Branch Manager, and the District Manager asking about what happened, and I explained it again, calmer now, in full, and they asked if I was okay.

They let loose.

I told them: “No, I have a guy who has been ******** harassing my other co-workers, verbally assaulting me and the others, try and threaten an autistic person who did nothing except say no to using a speaker, get threatened with a knife, I do not feel safe with him around”.

They asked me about the speaker, I called Cross, and he confirmed I asked to borrow the speaker overnight and backed me up with what the Assistant Manager has done in the past, and at that point, police were called.

This wasn’t his first rodeo.

They checked the cameras and heard me yelling about the knife, and after a few months, I come to learn he got fired from his last job and arrested for them finding out he was in jail for “Threatening Physical Harm to a Disabled Person” “****** Harassment” “****** Assault” and “Unauthorized Concealed Weapon”

He wanted a Speaker, he got a speaker, a few speakers on a podium who put him in jail about a week after.”

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What a creep!

He got what was coming to him!

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