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Customers Were Rude To A Experienced Waitress, So The Restaurant’s Manager Seated Them On The Patio That Wasn’t Even Open

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Wikimedia Commons

Some people can be such…Karens…

If you know, you know…

And if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, then you DEFINITELY know.

Take a look at what happened to some Karens who who acted up when they went out to eat.

Shelly’s Seafood Restaurant – Don’t mess with the Waitress!

“Near my former place of work was an excellent seafood place named Shelly’s.

Far better then you would expect from the average strip mall outside they made amazingly good food, the pasta jambalaya, Shrimp Louie and Lobster Roll were particularly good. And lunch was reasonably cheap, usually $15 with tip if you stayed on the lunch menu. Unlimited Bread rolls ensured you would not go hungry, and they were good too.

There was an old-timer there…

One of the waitresses tho… well, she could be little trying. Must have been over 70, a former smoker, and she took 2 to 3 breaths to ask you “What.. you do you… want to drink?”.

And a little hard of hearing, a challenge for my soft spoken Australian expat Coworker.

But she was a fixture. So you bit your tongue and you knew the chef would lay a little extra on your plate, and sometimes free dessert (Boston creme pie, house made).

There was a problem…

Except the Karens. Who complained and laughed behind her back. And went to the Manger, also an owner, to ask to be reseated. “Of course, let me show you to the patio!”

Well, Jimmy and I exchanged a look, because we know the patio is only open for dinner.

This was gonna be good!

15 minutes later they stomped back in to complain that no one came to take their order, and they had to head back to the office, and what was he going to do about it?

“Most people take the hint, lady.”

Speechless, they sputtered and left.

Meanwhile, our waitress wandered by with free pie and the check. “Anything else… boys?”

“We’re good, Shelly’, thanks for the pie!”

“You boys be… good. See you… next week.” And then she wandered off, still working in the restaurant she started 60+ years ago, now run by her son, the Manager. (At the time of the incident).”

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It pays to be nice!

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