March 24, 2024 at 10:29 am

Boss Won’t Give Her A Deserved Raise And Now She’s Making As Much As New Employees, So She Decided To Never Go Above And Beyond

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@not_j17

It’s a bummer when you bust your *** at a job and you don’t get rewarded for it.

So what’s a worker supposed to do in a situation like that?

Check out what this young woman did when she was feeling down about the situation at her job.

No scheduled raise? I’ll only do entry level duties.

“I [F19] work part time at a restaurant.

I was brought on when I was 16 as a hostess and got to wait tables and bartend at 18.

I really love it, I’ve made friends with many of my colleagues, it’s close to school, and my boss is really flexible.

Oh, really?

I was scheduled to get a raise last week (I don’t make a waitress wage and I don’t receive those tips), but the minimum wage in my state got raised and my boss said that I don’t need a raise anymore because of it.

I’m one of the oldest employees, I’m trained in every post, and I do what I’m asked because I respect my higher ups and I’m in a good mood when I’m at work.

She’s had a change of heart.

So now that I’m barely making more than new hire hostesses, I’m only doing hostess duties.

I’ve had way more time to study when it’s slow and I come home with more energy to socialize and get things done. It’s been great.

It took a while for my boss to notice the difference my lack of presence made, and when he confronted me I told him what I said above and that there wasn’t anything he could do about it unless I got my scheduled raise.

The ball’s in his court.

I know there’s no negotiating being paid a waitress wage but maybe now I’ll get my raise since it’s costing him to fill what were my positions.”

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