March 2, 2024 at 12:54 am

Here’s How To Tell Whether People Can Spy On You Through The Mirror In A Hotel Or Airbnb. – ‘If there’s no space, leave this place.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@laughhard__

Mirrors are ubiquitous in our every day lives. But how many of us have actually seen them installed?

Whether it’s a hotel, Air BnB, another friend’s house, or our own home – they’re so common to us that we rarely question anything about them.

But some folks are out there pointing out a few things to be wary of, and one of those issues is an aspect we’ve likely seen in a thriller or spy movie:

The two-way mirror.

One TikTok user is here to point out exactly what that might look like.

And from the perspective of an installed one. He shows exactly what to look out for.

And there’s one phrase that he wants to impart with us:

“If there’s no space, leave this place.”

Source: TikTok/@laughhard__

The video starts with a very creepy display.

The cameraperson shows that there is no space between his finger and the mirror.

(what they say is a sign that it might be a two-way mirror)

Ok but then they walk out the door, and show us the door that leads to what would be on the other side of that mirror…

And it’s an “Employee Only” entrance…


Source: TikTok/@laughhard__

The video then switches to a construction job, where the mirror is being installed.

The man in the green shirt puts his finger up to the mirror. What’s not there?

A gap. Or space. Hmm.

He then walks around that room to the adjacent room.

Source: TikTok/@laughhard__

Opens a medicine cabinet install, and shows the other side of that mirror…

Looking directly into that bathroom!

The creeps come out.

Source: TikTok/@laughhard__

You’ve gotta take a look for yourself:


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♬ Good Life – OneRepublic

And check out this other example of what a normal mirror looks like.

Not sure why there’s creepy music. This mirror does have a gap.


Its 2023, you should always check #waitforit #lifehacks #hotel #travel

♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box – takaya

Let’s see what folks had to say, shall we!

For some strange reason, half of the people out there have never seen the word “mirror” written in their lives.

Source: TikTok/@laughhard__


Source: TikTok/@laughhard__

One person had another good idea to test.

Source: TikTok/@laughhard__


“If there’s no space, leave this place.”

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