March 26, 2024 at 11:25 am

His Wife Keeps Putting Their Baby In Bed With Him While He’s Sleeping, So He Asks If She Wants Him To Get Hurt

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Everyone knows the hardest part of having a new born isn’t changing diapers, its the toll it takes on your sleep schedule.

Especially if both parents are working and need as much sleep as they can get, a crying baby can make things pretty tense.

And the less sleep you get, the more irritable you become, with fights becoming a regular occurrence!

Well this user learned that first-hand when his wife became fed up with his sleeping through their baby’s crying, and began putting the newborn in bed with OP.

When OP pointed out how dangerous that was, the ensuing argument ended with him asking his wife if she wanted their baby to get hurt.

Was he in the wrong? Decide for yourself!

AITA for asking my wife rhetorically if she wants our son to get hurt?

We have an infant son named Leo. Leo is our first and only child, and is 5 months old. Macey works part-time and I work full-time.

Macey works on Tuesdays but I don’t. Macey normally leaves the house at around 8:00AM to get to work on time, but I like to take the opportunity to sleep in when I can get it.

But like most newborn babies, Leo was determined to keep OP from that sleep!

Whenever Macey gets ready for work, Leo will usually start crying in his crib even after he’s had his first feed of the day.

This doesn’t wake me up unless he’s been crying for a little while because I’m a heavy sleeper.

For the past two Tuesdays, Macey has decided to take Leo out of his crib and put him in our bed with me right before she leaves for work, even though I’m sound asleep.

She doesn’t do anything to wake me up because she’s leaving for work, and Leo stops crying when she puts him in our bed.

Knowing the risks of having a baby in bed with him, OP was not very happy with this arrangement.

Luckily nothing bad has happened yet but I know the risks of putting a baby in a normal bed with an adult sleeping in it.

Leo crawls and I’m worried that he could fall out of the bed and hurt himself.

I talked to Macey about this and told her to just leave Leo in his crib when she’s getting ready for work. Macey got annoyed and said that she can’t “just leave him to cry”.

She said I’m a bad father for not noticing and waking up when Leo is in the bed.saying that if it was her, she’d notice and wake up.

And in the heat of the argument, OP said something that he would soon come to regret.

 I got angry and told Macey that she’s being unreasonable and asked her what she thought would happen if Leo fell out of the bed. I asked her if she wanted Leo to get injured.

Macey got really mad and has gone to stay with her sister for a couple of days and took Leo with her, and hasn’t been answering my texts or calls.

She still hasn’t come home. I’ve never seen Macey this angry with me before so I’m wondering if I was the AH for how I approached this.

She doesn’t want your son to get hurt, she wants you to get out of bed! But even still, that doesn’t excuse putting their baby in a situation where he could be hurt.

Reddit couldn’t decide who was really at fault here, but many people thought both OP and Macey needed a wake-up-call.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this user said once they saw OP say he likes to sleep in, they knew he was just as at fault as Macey.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But other people said considering how much OP works, he is entitled to some sleep.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user agreed, saying Macey should at least be waking him up if she puts Leo in bed with him.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this person agreed Macey was in the wrong, saying OP’s late working schedule changes everything.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Regardless of the situation, asking the mother of your child if she wants that child harmed is never a good idea, people.

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