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A Coworker Came At Him About His Salary, So He Aired His Response For All To Hear

by Trisha Leigh

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I’m kind of glad that the days of secret salaries are on their way out.

On the one hand, it’s nobody’s business, but on the other, keeping secrets only helps out the Man.

And who wants to do that?

This man was a software engineer in a small town.

I was working at a startup company with around 50-60 employees as the head of software development unit.

We were a team of 8 software engineers and the rest of the company was administration and support or security personnel.

The company was in a small city and it was so difficult to find good software engineers.

To keep a good team, they had to pay a more-than-competitive salary.

We had this problem that whenever we found someone good, they were migrating to larger cities after a while.

So over time naturally payments of software development unit raised comparing to other personnel.

For me alone, it was more than all other managers in other departments by almost twice.

This number, despite still being behind the standards comparing to larger cities, was a huge money to people in that city.

The company made this payment a secret, no one was expected to find this out.

One day, someone from IT confronted him about it in front of everyone.

After a while I got the feeling from some office rumors that my salary is leaked.

I didn’t care much about it until one day, this colleague, head of support department, calling him Tim (accidentally nephew of HR manager) decided to confront me about my salary to make me ashamed in front of everyone.

So we were at launch room, with around 20 people there. The following is the conversation started by Tim in front of everyone:

Tim: “Mr. Me, is it true that you are being paid X thousands?”

Me: “Actually your news is outdated, now it’s more than that”.

Tim: “Do you know why they don’t pay us, support department, the same?”

Me: “I don’t know, better ask HR”.

So, he answered him in front of everyone.

Tim: “I want to know you opinion. Are we getting paid a lot less or you are getting overpaid?”

Me: “I will answer you with a honest suggestion. From tomorrow let’s switch our roles.

I will also give you two weeks of mentorship, and then you need to manage the department on your own with my salary.

I will also take your responsibilities, but I don’t need your mentorship or help even for a single minute.

We can discuss the salaries again after two months.”

at this point everyone started to laugh, including one of our senior accountants, whom never was seen laughing

Tim at this point blushed and continued with: “No I knew why you are getting paid this much, I just wanted to know how we can increase ours (which wasn’t his initial statement)”

Me: “Then again I advice you to discuss it with HR”

Tim: “Thanks”

I can’t imagine that IT guy thought this went well – but what about Reddit?

The top comment says the poster is in an enviable position.

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The question kind of answers itself.

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No more explaining required.

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That’s just the way it is.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Some did feel like the poster came off as a bit of a jerk, though.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

If you think you deserve more, talk to HR.

Don’t come at your coworkers for getting theirs.