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A Coworker Claims To Have A Military Disability, But He Knows Better And Spills The Secret. Now They’re Angry That He Outed His Secret And Ruined His Dating Life.

by Chris Allen

Outing Disabled Coworker AITA A Coworker Claims To Have A Military Disability, But He Knows Better And Spills The Secret. Now Theyre Angry That He Outed His Secret And Ruined His Dating Life.

Drinking with coworkers is sometimes about as tricky as walking through a field of booby traps.

Well, for some people.

Alcohol absolutely lowers those inhibitions. And some folks just can’t help making fools of themselves.

Or their coworkers.

Here’s a story along those lines, where no one ends up in a better place.

AITA for telling someone why my coworker is disabled?

I have this coworker let’s call him Dave.

He’s a great coworker and is excellent at his job. We’ve worked together for a little over 5 years. Dave is in a wheelchair.

If you ask him about it, he’ll tell you that he’s a disabled veteran. However, his disability isn’t service related.

Recently we’ve finished a job for a big client under time and under budget. The company gave our team big bonus checks last week and our manager thought we should all go to a steakhouse to celebrate. A few of us decide to go to a local brewery afterwards. I have a coworker give me a ride after dropping my car off at home.

Cue the celebration outing.

At the brewery I start chatting with this woman let’s call her Amy. Amy and I really hit it off. She’s there with some friends and we all end up sitting at a table. One of Amy’s friends is being really friendly with Dave.

Amy and I get up to get another drink. I mentioned how her friend seems to like Dave.

Amy says her friend also served and Dave is a disabled veteran. Probably because I had been drinking, I tell her a secret.

Dave’s disability is from a drunk driving accident, not service.

Think things went well after that?

After that round, Amy and her friends go to use the restroom.

When they get back, Amy says it was nice chatting and says she still wants to keep talking to me.

I go sit with them for the rest of the evening. Amy’s friend is p****d about him not telling the truth and calling himself a disabled veteran.

Her friends talked her out of telling him off and making a scene.

Monday at work one of my coworkers asks if they did something to p*** them off.

I tell them the story.

Later Dave comes over and calls me an AH, goes off about how hard it is to find people who are willing to date someone in a wheelchair and tells me to mind my own business.

OP tries to smooth things over after the wreck he left in his wake.

I apologized and said I shouldn’t have said anything, but considering how p****d off she got, maybe it was something Dave should have told her.

Dave says screw you and leaves. It’s become somewhat of an office gossip subject, and I’ve heard different opinions from my coworkers against my will.

Reddit, AITA?

Boy that’s a tough spot to be in. You’ve alienated an office friend, and now everyone’s gossiping about you?!

Still…it’s that whole lying about your service part…

Let’s see what folks had to say.

This person made a great point about what Dave should have said.

Source: Reddit/AITA

A VA employee even chimed in on the matter.

Source: Reddit/AITA

One person put it really well. Defining the words is crucial.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While this person hits the nail on the head. Especially if you’ve been affected by drunk driving.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Where’s my Take-It-Back 9,000 machine?

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