April 11, 2024 at 4:29 am

Nasty Neighbor Threatened To Pick All The Grapes In Their Vineyard, So They Pulled An All-Nighter So No Grapes Would Be Left

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@davidkhlr

The woman you’re about to meet in the following story sounds like a delight

And by “delight,” I mean someone you’d want to avoid at all costs!

Check out how this person dealt with this rude lady who wanted to have IT ALL.

We’re picking ALL the grapes.

“My parents rent a house on a ¼ acre of land. The land with rows of grapes is not being rented to my parents, but the landlord lets us pick them and juice them every year.

The only access to the grapes is through the land my parents rent. Before my parents moved in, this old lady “Maureen” used to pick the grapes with her family and juice them. As a side note, Maureen has her own grapes, but she likes to use our landlord’s grapes too because previous tenants did not.

Hold your horses, Maureen!

Every year, it’s a battle to make Maureen wait to pick grapes so we can pick a share. The landlord has been clear that we get first dibs on the grapes because we’re his actual tenants. We always leave her at least a row (one of four). Every year, she tries to be a sneaky lil ***** and get the grapes. But this year was the worst.

My mom told Maureen that she was going to pick the grapes this weekend. Well, this weekend came and went without being able to pick grapes; my mom’s helper crew got sick, my dad was recovering from major surgery, and she couldn’t find the time or energy.

Come on, lady…

Maureen calls to inform my mom that she is coming tomorrow to pick all the grapes we didn’t. My mom asked her to please wait a few more days as her husband (my dad) has cancer and her helpers were sick.

Maureen’s response: “That’s too bad. You had your chance. My family is coming tomorrow and we are picking the grapes.”

Of course my poor mom loses it at this point and begins screaming, “SHAME ON YOU MAUREEN! YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN!” Maureen continues telling her she had her chance.

It was time to take action.

So my mom came in and told me this story. I said: “Absolutely not.” We are staying up as late as needed to pick every single grape off the vines. Every single one.

We both called as many friends as we could. The troops are being gathered. We now have about 10 people to help us pick the grapes. We will pick every single grape so that when stupid Maureen and her stupid family show up, there will not be one little fruit left on the vine.


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Sorry, Maureen!

You’re done!

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