April 18, 2024 at 2:44 am

People Admit the Weird Flexes That They’re Proud Of

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@bobbymcgowan

Wear that flex loud and proud, people!

And you should do that even if it happens to be a flex that happens to be WEIRD.

Check out what AskReddit users had to say and see if your flex adds up.

Going viral.

“I went viral and got a million+ views on YouTube in 2007 for a silly rap about the Nintendo Wii I made out of boredom, before that was a common thing, and before there were ads on YouTube.

My video was featured on the front page of YT, on Attack of the Show, and at Nintendo’s E3 press conference that year, and was one of the first hundred videos available on the iPhone (since iOS didn’t support Flash video at the time)…and while I felt like the coolest kid in town and at my campus for a period, I made exactly $0 for it.”

Good work.

“I’m not an addict and my kids 8 and has never been in foster care or involved with child protective services.

I come from a long line of addicts and unruly white trash, and though I don’t have a high paying job, I do work and provide above and beyond what my parents ever did, without government aid.

Also 9 years sober from hard drugs.

I broke the cycle.”


“My cursive handwriting is beautiful.

Like something that came out of an old legal document from the 19 century I get compliments about it all the time even though many young people can’t read it..

Literally, nobody cares, but it’s certainly something I’m proud of, and I like it when people notice it.

My mother had beautiful penmanship and actually worked as a calligraphist to make extra pocket money when she was in college so I guess that’s where I get it from.”

Above and beyond.

“Despite my parents not believing that I’d finish high school, I graduated high school, got my Associates at my local community college, and am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree.

I’m a first generation latina in a male dominated field but I got here without my parents’ help and without them believing in me.

I did it for me, and I’m proud of me.”

We’re proud of you.

“When my daughter was 3 years old I found out she wasn’t biologically mine. I left her mom but took her to court.

She just turned 9 and we split custody 50/50. We’ve been in this scenario for 6 years and counting. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made as she’s an amazing kiddo.

She needed a dad… And I was already dad. So why wouldn’t it be that way? I taught her how to swim, how to ride a bike, how to ice skate… To read. I’ve never missed a day with her. I’ve been to every single parent teacher conference. I take her to all her doctors appointments.

Very few people in my life know about the biology issue… Because honestly it’s not really a big deal and I don’t advertise it. But I’m proud of myself. She’s turning into a wonderful, confident, caring and competent young lady. And I don’t think that would have been the case without me.

When she looks at me it’s obvious that her eyes don’t look like mine. But all the parts of her that really matter… And the thoughts behind those eyes… Are because if me.

When things are going to **** around me… Or I’m stressed or scared. I look at her and know for a fact I got this one thing right.

And I’m proud of that… Even if I’ll never be recognized for it or get any credit for what I’ve done… I’m proud.”

Way to go!

“I have always wanted to be a biologist ever since I remembered.

All my friends wanted to be footballers, astronauts, or youtubers, and eventually had to give up / change theirs dreams to something more realistic.

I have only 1 exam left to get my bachelor’s degree in Bioology this month, and I’ll start a Masters degree in Biotech in September!”


“Iranian American woman working a blue collar manual labor job making multiple 6 figures with just an associates degree.

I figure I’m in some sort of 1% demographic, probably.”

A chef!

“I cook as a hobby and specially I’m really REALLY good at making Italian food.

I’ll have people over to hang and I’ll just be like .. oh are you hungry? And they will be like yeah.. then I’ll be like “whapah!!!!”

And whip em up the best Italian food they ever had, but play it off like I wasn’t just simmering sauce for 5 hours for this exact moment… I like cooking for people and impressing them.”

Irish wisdom.

“I can estimate within about a 20 mile radius where you’re from in Ireland based on your accent and can even hear mixed accents of emigrants.

I once asked a guy I had been randomly talking to for 5 minutes if he grew up in Tralee and spend 20ish years in the Watford/Hemel Hempstead area in England.

He was shocked because that’s exactly what his accent was.”


“I can purr like a cat.

Technically it’s an unvoiced uvular trill, so there are plenty of people who speak other languages who can do this natively, but English (my only fluent language) has no such sound and I’ve never met another person who can do it.

I taught myself to do it as a child, and I’ve never looked back.”

The poet.

“My creative writing class published a book with our works in it, one including a poem that was close to my heart.

That poem I had worked on, which was basically word vomit of a lot of stuff going on internally made one of my classmates start crying, because they could feel the emotions I put into it.

I’m not proud of making them cry, or anyone else, but it’s such a good feeling that I can help others understand how I’m feeling.”


“I once ate a one pound burger, a large fry, and a shake In less than 40 minutes.

I got a cool shirt and some worried looks for my troubles.”

Still got it!

“I still somehow remember the lyrics to Still D.R.E and a few others of the album 2001 that came out when I was like 13.

I don’t know how was I have not listened to it in a good long time.

Enjoying it though in the kitchen, the whitest 37 year old singing along cooking noodles.”

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