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People Share Facts That Could Help Save Lives. – ‘Make note of the exits.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

You never know when you’re going to hear or read a piece of advice that might save your life…

So that’s why you need to listen to what these Reddit users had to say!

Are you ready to get some real-life advice that you should have in your arsenal, just in case?

Let’s see what these folks are talking about…

Good one.

“Remember the golden rule for pool parties/family gatherings with kids: if everyone is watching the kids, no one is watching them.

You need to specifically put someone on babysitting duty.

You can switch people during the event, but it needs to be a specific person at all times.”

All good advice.

“The symptoms of a heart attack are different for women.

Have a mole check as soon as you can.

Never put off going to the Dr if you think something is wrong.

Fight your Dr if they don’t help you. Never give up.

It’s YOUR life that is in danger, not theirs.”

Scary stuff.

“Know the signs of sepsis.

T – Temperature higher or lower.

I – Infection – may have signs and symptoms of an infection.

M – Mental decline – confused, sleepy, difficult to rouse.

E – Extremely ill – severe pain or discomfort, shortness of breath.

Sepsis ***** within HOURS, and ***** 11 million people a year. that’s 1 in 5 deaths. And it’s the number one ***** in hospitals.”

Gotta do it.

“Those uncomfortable cancer tests when you get older, such as colonoscopies, aren’t some kind of conspiracy to humiliate you or drain insurance money.

Cancer is real and it can get you, this message brought to you by my uncle who ignored lung cancer until it reached stage 4 and ****** him within a week of discovery.”


“If your kid gets kidnapped, don’t teach them to say “help”.

Teach them to say something like “who the **** are you, you’re not my dad, **** you.”

That’s gonna turn a lot more heads and get you actual help a lot quicker.”

Take it to the street.

“If you are on a sidewalk getting robbed/someone is messing with you, go into the street.

Cars will just drive by usually even if they see someone in trouble.

If you’re in the street, you have a very small risk of being run over, and a much higher likelihood of the attacker simply not following you into the street or someone actually going to help you.”

You do it.

“Let’s say you or someone youre with needs emergency medical assistance, and theres a crowd around you.

Don’t just say “someone call 911!” instead, point at a random but specific person and demand they call 911.

When you speak to everybody, theres a big chance everyone will assume everyone else will do it.”

Smart thing to do.

“Whenever you go somewhere new- auditorium, museum, concert, zoo… whatever- make note of the exits.

I teach my kids this in case of a “fire” or “earthquake” but truth is I’m American and what I’m really worried about is an active shooter situation.”

Pro tip.

“CPR requires a flat surface!

When Michael Jackson passed away, it was mentioned on the news that someone tries CPR with him on his bed.

My mom said, “You’re just pushing the mattress up and down!””


“Getting a second or even third opinion.

You know yourself better than they do.

If you don’t get answers please keep looking.

Please don’t settle.”

Be prepared.

“If you live where the winter gets cold and you are traveling by car:

Always bring extra clothes

Have candles in the car

Try to always know where you are.”

Lock it up.

“As soon as your car door is unlocked, relock it.

People get back into their cars and fiddle with their wallet or whatever all with their car doors unlocked and it makes them an easy target.”


“When the forest goes quiet you should too.

There’s a reason animals are being quiet., a predator is nearby, could be a bear could be wolves, but you better get out.”

Hang on.

“When getting out of the shower or tub, I think it’s always good to grab on to something.

Once heard about a woman who **** by cracking her head on the toilet after slipping when exiting the shower.

Stay safe y’all.”

For allergy sufferers.

“To use an EpiPen: take off the cap. Then the blue safety cap on the white end (you press this end) Put the orange end down on the thigh of whoever is having the reaction (over the clothes, the needle is long) stick your thumb on the other side and push down HARD.

Hold it for ten seconds, then release. The epinephrine kicks their heart into high gear, so they’ll shake, and flash between hot and cold. They need to go to the hospital for observation. Also, the expiration date is written on the side. They’re still safe to use if they’re a year old.”

A big one.

“Raising your girls to KNOW and understand that it’s not their job to be polite, comfort or even entertain men (or really anyone) who is making them uncomfortable.

I can’t tell you how much knowing this would have changed my life when I was a teen and in college.”

Good to know!

Thanks for the tips!

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