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Siblings Wanted To Go To The Same College But Only She Got In. So She Insulted His Maturity And Things Are Tense.

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s nothing like the stress of waiting to get your college acceptance letters back.

At least, not when you’re 18.

This young lady and her brother are in the same grade and wanted to get into the same college.

My brother Jake (18M) and I (17F) had the same dream college, H University.

Also, in case you’re confused by the ages, we’re 1.5 years apart, but I skipped a grade so we were in the same grade for nearly our entire life.

Even though he arguably wanted it more than her, she was the one who got accepted.

Jake was way more passionate about H Uni than I was.

He had several H merch clothing, and kind of just assumed he was going there.

For example, in conversations he’d say things like “Once I’m at H….” or “After I go to H, my plan is…”.

Basically, his life plan rested on him going to H.

Jake and I got along pretty well, we’d sometimes give each other advice or study together.

However, during college app season, he got super competitive once he realized I was also applying to H.

He’d refuse to study together, look over each other’s essays, and he’d constantly tell me to not even bother applying.

Then, decisions came out and we opened them at the same time. I was accepted, and he was rejected.

He made her miserable because of it.

Jake had a massive panic attack, and instead of celebrating my acceptance with my family, I sat in my room all day because Jake would get furious when he saw me.

I once even caught him trying to unlock my laptop to decline my offer, since his friend dmed me to warn that he had been talking about doing that.

My parents obviously punished him for that, which made it so much worse.

When my H sweatshirt came in, he screamed at me for “showing off”, when I just put it in my closet.

He told so many people that I only got in because I was a girl and that H mixed the siblings up.

This went on for months.

Honestly, I felt bad for him because I would be crushed too if I were him.

Every time I tried to get him to stop, it got worse. So I just kept tolerating it.

I thought it’d get better after the summer, once college actually started.

It has not. Now it’s really set in that he is going to a (good imo) state school, and not H.

His anger is largely compounded by the fact that he’s going to the same college that he used to condescend other students about aiming for.

Now, she’s finally snapped and just wants to be able to enjoy her freshman year.

My classes start soon, so I’ve been setting up in our study, which I share with Jake.

Both of our rooms are tiny, with no room to study in, so we share a study with two desks that face away from each other.

Jake cleared out my whole desk, and broke my lamp in the process.

He says that I need to study in my room, so he can use the study without distractions for his classes.

We’ve always both worn headphones, there’s literally no distraction. He just doesn’t want to see me taking classes at H.

I’m so beyond done, I just want to be proud that I got into this college and actually learn without my brother screaming at me about it.

Where IMBTA: We got into an argument, and I told him that of course he got rejected since H didn’t take toddlers.

I’ve also been wearing my H sweatshirt around the house constantly, which he gets angry about.

He kept bothering me, so I superglued H rejection letters in the drawers of his desk, so he has to see them when he opens them.

Did she go too far?

You know Reddit will let her know!

The top comment says she definitely went too far.

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But they’re not letting her parents off the hook.

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They let things go on for way too long.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Someone needs to help the brother deal with his feelings.

Source: Reddit/AITA

She might have taken things too far, but her parents really let her down.

Source: Reddit/AITA

The saddest part is that she never felt like she could celebrate.

That’s a real shame.

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