April 24, 2024 at 10:27 pm

Boss Demands An Employee Log Every Hour To Prove They’re Not Working As Much As They Should Be. They Get A 30% Raise Instead.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

Who’s ready for a bad boss story?!?! Let’s get to it!

A writer named Robyn posted a story on TikTok, telling viewers what happened to a 31-year-old worker as part of her “Bad Boss Story Time” segments.

“On today’s Bad Boss Story time, a boss demands employee punch in all work hours, expects to pay him less, but he gets a 30% raise instead.”

Robyn said the man who is the subject of the story worked with his uncle for two years and he learned how to run the business.

“‘We settled on a contract in which I’d receive a fixed monthly amount with a bonus of an additional salary by the end of every year.'”

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

“I had total control of my work schedule, and by total I meant total where I just come to the job just three days a week as long as I delivered results. I’d work 60 to 65 hours a week, I also worked during a holiday, and I was available on call pretty much 24/7.”

Things changed for the man when his uncle traveled for work and someone else took over.

The new person in charge, Gordan, thought something was fishy when the man left work early on Gordan’s first day.

“After having worked a full 14-hour shift the day before travel, and also having worked two 12-hour shifts the week before, I was tired, and since we had little to no work to pile up, I took an early leave the first day he was there.”

“He demanded that I punch in my working hours and if I didn’t meet the quota, those would be deducted from my monthly pay.”

The man’s uncle was made aware of the situation and he said that his nephew would need to be paid overtime money, so from that point on, the man would being paid hourly.

And, boy, did that end up working out for him…

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

“Gordan was expecting a decrease in my pay. In fact, I usually pull a ******** of overtime, [and now] my monthly income is now 30% higher due to the overtime I start receiving, sometimes it’s even closer to 50% higher, even though I am actually working a little less than before.”

Robyn summed up the story.

“This is a classic example of where the manager thinks that the person is doing almost nothing till they actually have to pay them for all the incredible amount of work that they are doing.”

Well done!

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

Here’s her video.


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And here’s how TikTokkers responded.

One viewer shared their own story.

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

Another individual told a work story…

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

And this TikTokker’s old boss sounds like a real gem!

Source: TikTok/@courageousleadership

Too many bosses don’t appreciate what they have until it’s too late.

Too bad for them!

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