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Teenage Son Refuses To Stop Calling Dad By His First Name, So Dad Takes Away All Of His Video Games

by Ryan McCarthy

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Calling your parents by their first name is like calling your teacher by their first name. You just don’t do it!

But I do distinctly remember knowing people who called their parents by their first name, and how unsettled I was by it!

“Diane, could you drive us to the mall?” or “Robert, could I have $20 to see a movie?” My god, it would basically make my body do a screenshot every time I heard it!

But as strange as it may be, this Dad found himself extremely frustrated when his son refused to call him Dad, so he took all of his video games away until he stopped using his first name!

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AITA for wanting my son to call me ‘Dad’ instead of my name?

So, my (38m) son (16m) started addressing me by my first name instead of ‘Dad’. And I’m not okay with it.

I had asked him to not call me by my first name and he said he can call me however he wants, and I can’t force him to call me Dad.

My wife (his mom) told me not to get too hung up on this, since it really isn’t an issue.

I told her that it is an issue, for me – just not an issue for her since son still calls her mom.

And when his son once again refused to call him “Dad”, OP laid down the law.

Yesterday, I sat my son down – and asked him to please stop calling by my first name.

He refused – and so, I grounded him – took away his electronics and only give him access when he needs it for school.

I’m not going to just be disrespected like this in my own home, and told him only once he learns some manners will the punishment be lifted.

But when OP’s son was still adamant he didn’t understand why he was so angry, OP began to wonder if he had done the right thing.

To say the least, he’s pretty angry with me and doesn’t understand why i’m so hung up on not being called ‘Dad’.

My wife is now staying out of it. but did tell me I’m going too far- that my son is just a teenager and that I should know how teenagers are.

So, here I am now asking AITA?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I still think its incredibly disrespectful to call your parents by their first name when you’re still a kid.

OP’s punishment may have went the tiniest bit overboard, but he has a right to some respect in his own house.

Reddit was quick to take to share their opinions.

This user was reminded of her daughter calling her dad “Dear”, because that’s what she herself called him!

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user on the other hand, said OP was not in the wrong at all, and that his son desperately needed a lesson in manners.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this person disagreed, asking OP if his name was really the battle he wanted to pick with his teenage son.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user said while teenagers make mistakes, they also have to learn the consequences of their actions!

Source: Reddit/AITA

All I know is you would not even catch me calling my parents by their first name today, let alone when I was 16 years old!

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