April 10, 2024 at 5:36 pm

Their Roommate Wouldn’t Stop Stealing Their Food, So They Got Revenge By Making Sure He Fed His Mother Horse Meat

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Mess around and find out, right?

Well, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but you get the idea: if you **** with people, it’s gonna eventually come back to bite you!

And this person just couldn’t take their roommate’s disrepectful behavior anymore, so they decided to get even them.

Check out what they did!

Caused my food stealing roommate to make his mom cry.

“I was living in a large space with 5 roommates. One of my roommates was know for borrowing food including expensive stuff like meat but never replacing it.

It was time to get even.

Well one day I knew his mother was coming to visit and stay a few days and his mom absolutely loved horses, so what I decided to do was bait this roommate with horse meat.

It’s not common in the US but legal to buy imported so I acquired some nice thin cuts and I sliced most of it and salted and left in a Tupperware I the fridge while I went it the rest of the package with the horse meat store label in the freezer.

Well sure enough in the evening I noticed some of the horse is gone so I make a big deal about someone stealing some of my horse meat in front of his mom.

Here it comes…

They go ‘haha. Very funny. Sure it’s horse meat.’

And my roommate owns up to borrowing some meat he used to make him and his mom steak and eggs for breakfast and lies that he’ll replace it.

That’s when I pull out the package from the freezer and prove it was in fact horse meat and his mom burst into tears crying to her son ‘how could you feed me horse.’

He definitely at least stopped borrowing my meat after that.”

Now check out how Reddit users reacted.

This person was impressed!

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Another reader made a good point…

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This Reddit user wasn’t too impressed with the roommate.

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Another individual is also dealing with a thief in their life.

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Now that is a COLD thing to do.

Don’t mess with your roommate’s food!

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