April 25, 2024 at 1:37 am

Woman Sitting Next To Them On A Plane Was Needlessly Rude, So They Found A Clever Way To Annoy Her As Much As Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@neonbrand

Yuck…this kind of stuff is THE WORST…

I’m talking about people on planes who haven’t learned about the concept of personal space.

Next time it happens to you, use some pointers from this person!

Person next to me on a plane kept violating my personal space.

“I was flying in the window seat, because I like looking out the window.

You’re not supposed to do this…

The woman sitting next to me reached in front of me multiple times to close the window shade. She never asked me, she just reached directly in front of me to close the shade. I would immediately reopen it, and a few minutes later she would reach in front of me again to close it.

It was a noon domestic short haul flight, so no reason to need darkness in the middle of the day. And absolutely no excuse for violating my personal space multiple times without asking me or acknowledging me or treating me like a human in any way.

It was time to have some fun.

So I pulled out my book and turned on the reading light, despite there being ample natural light from the open window for me to read. I then positioned my hands in such a way that my watch would reflect the reading light directly into her eyes.

I read like that for an hour, jiggling my hand the entire time, so it would shine the light back and forth across her eyes and be super distracting and annoying.

It was time for some parting words.

Once we landed and she took her headphones off, I turned to her and said “next time you fly, book a window seat if you want to control the window. Or at least treat me like a human and ask me before you violate my personal space. What you did is unbelievably rude.”

She looked SO OFFENDED.

And naturally she walked 2 mph. Being a city walker, I easily got in front of her, then once we were on the moving walkway I stopped immediately in front of her. Did the same on the escalator to the curb, before flipping her off the entire way to my ride.”

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That lady needed a wake-up call!

Nicely done!

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