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A Potential Date Fleeced Him For $15, So He Went All Out To Get Revenge

by Trisha Leigh

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Online dating is a trip, y’all.

You have to remember that it is the internet, and you can’t actually trust most people you meet online.

Especially not if they want something from you.

This kid was talking to a girl on an online dating app.

I was a using a dating app a while ago and was talking to a cute girl. I had noticed on her profile page she had some statements that raised my eyebrows.

Basically it was her saying she was looking for a FWB and she can perform certain s*****l acts with her body.

Now I get that we all have wants and needs and that they should be properly expressed given the time and place.

Wanting s*x is fine, but most girls wouldn’t put that on their profile out of fear of inviting the wrong people.

And for her to do so unabashedly had my warning lights flicker dimly in my head.

Still, I put it in the back corners of my mind as she hadn’t really said anything weird while messaging each other.

When they set up dinner, she asked him for money to pay a babysitter.

Eventually I asked her about it, which set her off on a tangent on what she was wanting and willing to do to me in bed.

Of course I was getting fed into it and ask when she wanted to meet up. She told me that she’d be down to meet up but she needed some money to pay her grandma to watch her child… weird.

In the history me dating single moms, I have never heard of someone having to pay their family members, especially their grandma, to babysit for them.

I chalked it up to it being some weird family dynamic or she just bugged her grandma a lot to that point.

She then asked if I could give her $50 for babysitting.

I told her I didn’t have that on me. She lowered it to about $30, which I told her I have about $15 in the bank.

She said that was fine.

He fell for it.

I sent her the money via cash app and told her where I’d be. She never responded.

After an hour of waiting I saw she accepted the money, but blocked me on the dating app.

I realized that the stuff she put on her profile was so she can she finesse horny desperate guys out of their money, which it did work unfortunately.

Now, it was just a mere $15, but I was mad that I got finessed.

So, when they matched again and she didn’t recognize him, he got an idea.

Some months later, this girl matches with me again.

I wondered where she got the nerve to match with me after what she did and was about to dress her down.

But during her messages I realized that she didn’t even recognize me!

The months after her finessing I edited my profile pictures, updated my bio, and even changed my name to my middle name.

My pictures were still me, but this time with a beard, and a lot more mature-looking. Her, however, still had the same provocative bio and pictures.

About 3 weeks had passed since then.

As she talked, I felt that the energy was much different and pieced together that she was actually feeling this version of me.

I didn’t ask about her bio this time, which caught her attention. She started saying about how guys always wanna talk about it and that she’ll pretend to be interested and trick them into doing “goofy stuff.”

Idk why she thought that was something that needed to be shared with anyone, but hearing it made me even more angry.

She said she liked that I didn’t focus on her bio and that I seemed more genuine.

This is when I started coming up with a plan.

The set up went off without a hitch.

I started talking about how I wanted to go on a date and started listing a few nice and popular restaurants that she had told me about months prior.

It lit up her spirit as she started asking when we should go out. I gave her a time, date, and place and we settled on it.

Throughout the week leading up to it I would hype her up, reminding her of the date and telling her things like she doesnt have to worry about paying, she can order whatever she liked, etc etc.

On the eve of our date night, I messaged her saying that she didn’t need to worry about her paying, I got her.

But there was a slight problem, my car battery died on the way to get gas.

And she actually sent him money…

Asked if she could lend me $45 to buy a new battery from the auto store nearby.

Told her that we were still on for the date and that I would pay her back once I got paid the following day as I was using the remaining money to take her out.

Honestly, I thought it was a really stupid attempt to get her to send me money.

But to my incredible astonishment, she asked me for my cashapp info! I quickly created a new cashapp account and send her the info.

Moments later I got the notification that $45 got sent to my account. I thanked her and told her I’ll get the battery and meet her at the restaurant.

…before standing her up.

She replied that she was so excited to meet me and how much fun we were going to have and the like. As soon as she said that, I blocked her number and dating profile.

Meanwhile, I haven’t even left the house or put clothes on.

Hours after our supposed meet up I get a call from an unknown number. I pick up and it’s her.

She cussing me out crying about how I stood her up, how could I do something like this to her, blah blah blah, then I drop the line, “‘How could I do this to you?’

I did this to you because you’ve already done it to me.”


She was confused and got a bit quiet.

I told her that I was the guy she finessed $15 from months ago, and how stupid she was for not paying attention to my pics because I didn’t look all that different from before.

That’s when she realized who I was and started cursing me out.

I ended the call telling her to let it all out, it’s good for you, and that’s what she gets for finessing people.

Also that I was changing my number regardless if she decides to continue reaching out.

I felt satisfied, and celebrated playing Fortnite. Won 3 matches straight. Sweet, sweet revenge.

Let’s see how many people on Reddit think this is for real life.

It was the last little bit that convinced this person it was false.

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No one likes a braggart.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This person says that woman is full of red flags.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

It could go either way.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This was a lot of work for the payoff.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I think the beginning sounds true for sure.

Except who would really be so upset about $15?

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