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His Wife Gained So Much Weight She Can Barely Get Out of Bed, So He Ignored Her Calls For Help To Prove A Point

by Matthew Gilligan

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This family sounds like they have some serious issues to work out...

And they need to do it ASAP, because it sounds like this guy’s wife is a ticking time bomb.

But is he being too harsh to her?

Read his story and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to help my wife?

“This morning I refused to help my wife get up out of bed.

My wife is very overweight.

I’m not here to complain about this fact—she’s been large since I first met her, and I’ve always found her attractive.

But she has gained a significant amount of weight over the last 4 years.

This sounds dangerous and unhealthy.

Shortly before our daughter was born in 2019, my wife weighed in at an appointment and was 428 lbs.

This was a shock to me; I knew she had gained a lot of weight since we met, but she is private about it so I never heard a number.

Once she and our daughter were home, we tried to take healthy steps to improve ourselves together.

She recovered well from her pregnancy, and was set to resume her job in March of 2020.

COVID changed that plan.

After 1 week back at her job, she was furloughed for 2 weeks. At the end of that period they fired her.

Luckily, my job went remote and I make enough to support our family.

Things have gotten worse.

For the past four years, she has become increasingly reclusive. When I have offered to take time off to give her a break from the kids, she has declined.

We started taking stay-cations in summer 2020, and even once the pandemic was over she has said she prefers staying at home to traveling.

Her weight has noticeably increased during this time; I don’t have a number but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s now over 500.

Her mobility has suffered as well—she needs breaks when we take walks, we’ve had to put wall handles in our bathroom, and the last few months she needs help to get out of bed in the morning.

When I’ve tried to address this with her, she admits it’s a problem, but she downplays its severity.

Our marriage is great, she is a great mother to our two children, there’s nothing (at least nothing she’s shared) under the surface: she says she just likes to eat and struggles to control her portions and snacking.

This most recent incident started because yesterday evening, as we were taking our kids to the park, she insisted that I drive instead of her.

Her insistence weirded me out and I asked her about it later when we were going to bed.

Wow, this is bad…

She informed me that she’s begun struggling to fit behind the wheel of our family car. This really freaked me out, and we had a long conversation before going to sleep.

She again denied anything was wrong, and when I suggested she visit the doctor to get a better picture of her health she was pretty annoyed.

I was upset and told her to think about how she would take care of the kids if something happened to me. It’s not safe for her to rely on me for so much.

She kept ignoring me and went to sleep. I stayed up and stewed a little bit.

He decided to prove a point.

This morning, to prove a point, I refused to help her out of bed. I just went into the bathroom.

She was able to get up eventually, but it took a few attempts and she was crying and begging for help.

I went in to work in my home office, and since I got off work she has been unwilling to talk to me.

I think maybe I let my emotions get the best of me and should’ve addressed this differently.”

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Is this guy a jerk?

I kind of agree his actions are justified.