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Rude Neighbors Wouldn’t Stop Having Late-Night Parties, So The Ended Things By Dropping A Stinky Surprise

by Matthew Gilligan

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Well, this is one way to do it!

I’m talking about dealing with neighbors who just don’t know when to keep it down.

How rude?!?!

But this person handled their situation perfectly.

Get all the details below!

Noisy neighbours.

“This happened about twenty years ago, we had lived in a small terraced property for about a year before our neighbours changed.

These were 100 year old cold and uninsulated homes, and the walls between them didn’t block noise particularly well.

A nice couple moved in next doors and they seemed pleasant and polite, they said they would be having a moving in party so we thought nothing of it as we’re quite tolerant.

The following weekend (Friday or Saturday, can’t remember but it didn’t disrupt work for us) the party started and ended in the early hours. No drama, all ok we thought. Until a couple of weeks later, and the weekend after that, and so on.

These folks were party animals.

As the year progressed it was warmer in the evenings, and they liked to stand outside the back door which was almost underneath our bedroom window.

Our patience was wearing thin at this point, and one particularly warm evening when we wanted the window open to cool the room down.

There was no chance due to the music, shouting and smoke wafting up to our window.

I had reached breaking point and asking them nicely didn’t change anything.

It was time to play dirty.

I made the decision and searched my ‘man drawer’ which still included random items from earlier years.

I located a carefully wrapped pristine packet of stink bombs, the mini glass bottle ones.

We made sure the lights were off, and carefully opened the window.

I listened for a while and followed the ebb and flow of music and conversation. I timed the next peak, and dropped the stink bomb out of the window.


I could just hear a faint ‘chink’ as it smashed, then several seconds later the loudest shouting we’d heard for several weeks, followed by a scream and a slammed door.

Then quiet, for the rest of the night!!

They never said anything after that, nor did we. But the parties were always a bit quieter and shorter after that.

I still have a couple stored just in case as you never know!”

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Nice work!

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