May 5, 2024 at 6:33 am

This Mom Freaked Out At Walmart When Her Baby Formula More Than Doubled In Price

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

It’s tough all over these days.

Mortgages, food prices, gas prices…and now you can add baby formula to the list?!

A man posted a viral video on TikTok where he recounted a story about something disheartening he witnessed at his local Walmart store.

“I hear the biggest freak out from a woman in line with her two babies, and she goes, ‘How can I be $100 over budget? It’s the same baby formula that I’ve been buying.’”

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

“The cashier has the same face of bewilderment, saying ‘No, sweetheart. This has to be an accounting error, an inventory error or something. This is not correct. I just had another lady about a week ago with the same baby formula, the same amount. It shouldn’t have been this amount. There’s something wrong.’”

The cashier did some investigating, they found out that the price increase was real.

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

“The GM is looking at the floor manager, at the inventory manager, and he is like, ‘How are we supposed to sell baby formula if it just went up 100 bucks?’”

The man said that the manager reduced the price for the woman but also confirmed that the price increases occurred the previous week.

He ended his video by saying, “What the h*** is going on?”

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

Here’s the video.


Truly a scary moment for a mother of two #thisjusthappened #icantbelieveit #babyformula #inflation #fypシ #trending

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And here’s how folks reacted.

One viewer has seen this before.

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

Another individual shared a story.

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

And this person didn’t know how bad it is out there…

Source: TikTok/@djlostone

That was sad!

Let’s hope that prices come down sooner than later!

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