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Her Husband Cheated And Left Her On The Day She Was Giving Birth To Their Child, So She Took The Baby Back To Her Home Country With No Intention Of Coming Back

by Michael Levanduski

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Infidelity is a huge problem for any relationship, but when the cheating results in a child it can be even more difficult.

In this story, the cheating husband not only got his affair partner pregnant but revealed it on the day OP was giving birth!

How she reacted, however, may actually be illegal.

Read on to see how this plays out.

AITA for leaving the United States and bringing my newborn to my home country (India), never to return back without the telling my baby’s father (my husband) ?

I’m an Indian woman, and a new mother to my little half Indian, half American baby girl. She’s six months old.

OMG. Labor is hard enough, but to have this emotional bomb dropped on you the same day would be impossible to deal with.

The day I went into labor, I learned that my husband was having an affair with our neighbor. She’s only 22 and has a myriad of mental health issues.

She and my husband started an affair after she got out of rehab. I had no idea that him trying to ‘help’ her would involve sticking him inside of her.

It was a traumatic day. Can’t mention much here, but to put it shortly, she declared she was 3 months pregnant with my husband’s child and had an emotional breakdown.

She fainted and my husband left me alone in the hospital to take HER to another ward. He carried her in his arms in front of my own eyes.

He returned after a few hours. I had just given birth to our daughter. He took her in his arms, kissed her and left the room.

Not only is her husband a jerk for cheating, but he doesn’t even seem apologetic.

So two days go by, my husband returns finally telling me that he will have to move out because his mistress is emotionally fragile and he was the only person in the world who could support her.

He supported us financially but rarely visited. His girlfriend spent a few days in and out of the hospital. It was a continuous back and forth of her hospital visits.

She gave birth prematurely and the baby spent a lot of time in the NICU, struggling between life and death. The baby was also born with a host of disabilities and conditions, which would cost them thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The last time he came to visit our daughter, he looked really distressed and emotional.

That day I also overheard him talking to her on the phone. He was promising her that he would ALWAYS prioritize their baby over our baby.

He also promised her that he would always love their baby over our baby because their baby was a product of love, and our baby was a product of ‘duty ***’.

There is no excuse for his behavior, but taking his child to another country is also inexcusable.

That day I called my parents back in India, and told them everything. They told me to come back home. I don’t have family in the US. His family wasn’t close to me either. I’m all alone. I came to the US on the fiancé visa to marry him.

My former boss back in India got to know what happened to me, and offered me a new position, telling me that she would love to have me back.

Knowing that my baby would suffer in her father’s house. I planned my escape and left the US.

I’m never going back.

My divorce will be official in sometime. India isn’t a signatory to the Hague Child abduction convention, so technically, I haven’t abducted my child. US laws don’t apply in India, and we didn’t have a custody order or arrangement.

My husband is now blowing up on my phone. My parents have blocked him everywhere. Some of my friends are telling me that I ripped my baby’s father out of her life and that I’m a horrible mother.


Wow. It is hard to imagine a worse husband and father.

In my opinion, however, that absolutely does not justify taking his daughter out of the country never to return. Therefore, YTA OP!

Let’s see if other Redditors agree with my assessment.

This comment sums it up well. Not only is OP the AH, but she is also likely guilty of kidnapping.

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While I disagree that this mom did what was best for her baby, getting a good attorney is important advice.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

This person is 100% spot on when it comes to saying that the husband is an AH. That still does not justify kidnapping though.

Source: Reddit/AITAH

Just because someone is a bad husband and father does not mean you can kidnap their child.

Come on fam!

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