June 10, 2024 at 11:22 pm

Her Verbally Abusive Boss Shamed Her In A Group Email, So She Quit In The Most Epic Way

by Ashley Ashbee

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Working for a bully can make your life horrible and it can break even the strongest people.

We all have a limit of what we can take before we explode.

See the person in this story’s epic response to a workplace bully.

One for the ages: the best quitting a role I have ever seen

I recently chatted with a former colleague we’ll call Jen. We worked at a large insurer.

She reminded me of her epic quitting & takedown of the CMO.

A storm started brewing because this business was so toxic.

The workplace was absolute h**l: 2-3 ppl crying at their desks, being singled out for minor mistakes & called every name in the book by execs in meetings, etc.

Jen had sent an urgent email blast promoting a new benefit, however she sent it to the wrong email list.

The CMO emailed our 150+ marketing department saying something like “Jen screwed up big time, hopefully no one else is this dumb to do it again.”

This shaming incident was the last straw.

That night Jen swiped into the building, cleaned out her desk, left her badge & laptop.

But not before Replying All to CMO’s email with “**** YOU! Everyone minus *insert CMO & director names.*”

It was a pleasure. I feel bad for you all.”

She attached a screenshot she’d taken of an email the CMO had sent prior to sending the wrong email.

The email showed that the CMO & director approved it & the audience for publishing.

To this day it makes me laugh & I respect the hell out of her lol.

Check out what folks think of Jen’s actions.

A lot of people said no one should ever do this to you at work and I totally agree.

I’ve found some industries are more prone to it.

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Perfect! I’m picturing it.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I doubt it, but we  can dream!

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Legend status, I’m sure. In-person would have a bigger impact, I think.

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It seems pretty common to me. I’m Canadian.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Please get out of workplaces like this!

Life is too short.

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