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His Rude Boss Told Him To Leave If He Doesn’t Like His Job. When He Actually Does, His Boss Begs Him To Come Back.

by Ryan McCarthy

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There’s a lot of reasons people stay at jobs they don’t like. The most obvious of course being that they need the money.

But even if you don’t need the money, if you have flexible hours or you love the people you work with, you might be more inclined to stay.

But if you don’t have any of those benefits, your boss better be walking on thin ice around you to make sure they keep you on their team!

So when this user’s arrogant boss told him if he didn’t like the job he could just leave, he was shocked when he actually packed his things and left!

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Boss told me “if you don’t like it, then leave”

When I was younger I worked as an engineer for a small company.

The owner who I’ll call Jake, let me know before I started that I would be doing about 10 hour days, 6 days a week for about 6 months, but that I would have to be flexible.

Some days they wouldn’t have work for me and other days I’d be expected to stay a few hours late.

This didn’t bother me too much as I wasn’t too tight for money and I didn’t mind staying behind a few extra hours occasionally.

But when he got in an argument with his manager, another job opportunity available to his made the manager eat his words!

I got to work and was told to follow instructions from the owners brother, Steve.

He was an arrogant character, who always thought he knew how to do everyone’s else’s job better than them.

We butted heads a few times but nothing major.

A few months in, I found a new job starting in a week that paid better. Later on that day I had another disagreement with Steve.

The situation was petty but it’s his response that really confused me. It ended with him screaming in my face “if you don’t do as I say, then you can leave!”.

So that’s exactly what he did…

So I packed my stuff and left.

Steve was a little confused, thinking I’d just fall in line. He was too arrogant to apologise, and I had a job lined up.

For people not in the UK, I was working a zero hour contract.

This means I get an hourly wage but I’m not afforded some labor rights like a set salary, minimum work hours or notice for dismissal.

This works both ways though so I can leave the job whenever I want with no notice.

And while he called Jake to explain the situation, he said he wasn’t coming back if Steve wasn’t under control!

I decided to call up Jake since he’d always been chill and told him what happened. He told me he needed me and I should just return to work.

I told him unless he controls Steve and made him apologize, there was no way I was coming back. He refused so I told him I’ll send in my final time sheet.

Two weeks later and I’ve started my new job. I still haven’t been paid for my final week, so I call Jake.

But he learned Jake had no intention of paying him for his last week of work!

He told me that “since you didn’t give notice for leaving, you owe me for lost product of work.”

He said if I didn’t like it, I should sue him and “recommended” I should just take the loss and move on. This was complete nonsense.

A couple months go by until I finally find time to file for small claims court. Few days after sending him notice, Jake paid my money including court fees and extra.

He even had the AUDACITY to ask him when he was coming back to work!

He actually called me up apologizing for the “confusion”. He wanted to know when I could return to work.

I’d heard from one of my ex co-workers that because of the infrequent hours, people would leave as soon as they were told they wouldn’t have work the next day.

Others would leave when they realized how much of a jerk Steve was.

They’d gone through about 7 different workers in the time I was gone and struggled to keep anyone for more than a week.

He obviously wasn’t planning on going back anytime soon, and suggested everyone reading know their worth!

I told him I’d think about it. I managed to string him along for a few weeks before he stopped calling me.

The moral of the story is that if you think you’re being treated unfairly, you shouldn’t just put up with it. Your self respect isn’t worth compromising.

Don’t settle for being treated like shit, especially when you’re willing to go above and beyond for them.

Yeah, not surprised that people don’t want to work a job that doesn’t have a shift for them the day after they start! Let alone deal with the crazy manager!

Reddit was completely on his side, and said that they could forgive a lesser salary if they were treated well by the company.

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Be careful what you wish for, Steve!

You just might get it.

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