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Man Warns Against LASIK Eye Surgery After He Is Left With Permanently Dry Eyes And Worse Vision Than When He Started

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

It seems like everyone and their mother is getting LASIK eye surgery nowadays, and most people are pretty happy with the results.

But not patient @hutchhayden, who claims his adverse effects weren’t worth it.

Not only that, he’s learned more about the dubious research and medical backing behind the procedure!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

He said that he recently underwent LASIK Eye surgery to correct his vision, but it hadn’t gone how he had hoped.

“I had LASIK Eye surgery about a year ago, and it has left me with chronic pain, dry eye, floaters, and horrible night vision. Had I known any of this was going to happen, I would not have gotten the surgery.”

But before his viewers could blame a bad doctor, Hayden says his doctor has been performing LASIK for 20 years, and claimed to never have had a bad surgery.

“My eyes had no issues before except that I needed contacts to see, now I can’t see correctly with glasses or contacts.”

Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

And Hayden wasn’t just feeling the physical effects of this surgery gone wrong, but the financial ones as well!

“I spent great money to get the surgery, and now I spend way more money to correct what the surgery has messed up!”

Combined with the constant pain in his eyes and reliance on eye drops, he was, needless to say, extremely dissatisfied with the results.

Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

And he says the statistics around LASIK only makes things more confusing, as the 1 percent complication rate that is advertised is completely inaccurate!

“You know the chief scientist that approved the surgery back in 1998 is now one of the loudest voices to get it off the market?”

If that wasn’t enough, Hayden also says that you are statistically more likely to have more issues after LASIK, or any other unnecessary refractive surgery.

Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

But the most frustrating part was the other patients of LASIK, who dismissed his own results with their success stories.

“The reason they’re able to continue with this surgery is because people are like ‘Oh I’m happy with my results, the complication rate is less than one percent!'”

Ultimately though, Hayden wants people to be aware that even if you are the ‘perfect candidate, you aren’t free from the possible risk of LASIK.

Check out his warning for yourself!


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TikTok was shocked to hear Hayden’s story, and said his and others like his were the reason they would never get LASIK!

Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

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Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

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Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

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Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

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Source: TikTok/@hutchhayden

Just get contacts people, it’s not worth it!

Your eyes are nothing to mess around with.

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