June 29, 2024 at 9:44 pm

Neighbor Gave Him Grief About Branches From A Tree Coming Into Her Yard, So He Cut The Whole Tree Down And Ruined Her Shade

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@erwinvoortman

Naughty neighbors being obnoxious…

It never ends!

And this guy decided to teach his neighbor a lesson…take a look at what they did!

Why trim the branches when you can cut down the whole tree?

“One day I came home and my mom told me the right-side neighbor talked to her.

Neighbor claimed a city official came over while we weren’t there, stopped by her house and asked her to pass along a message: the tree on our side of the fence is too unruly, and a few branches are getting too close to the neighbor’s house.

The city will fine us if we don’t cut down those branches.

This didn’t sound right…

So the city was going to fine us without an official notice?

I was certain that the neighbor either got the warning herself or was lying for some free gardening.

It was our tree, so we would have done it if they had asked properly, but my mom and I decided to just cut it down so it didn’t become an issue again.

She sent me over to let the neighbors know, and after some pleasantries I told her of our decision.

Her expression immediately darkened.

“The tree is in a perfect place to cover my bedroom window from the (SoCal) sun, and it give me plenty of privacy. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to trim it?”

This was gonna be fun!

Cue malicious compliance to the “city warning.”

I told her with a concerned face that we’re anxious about the city’s fine, and that if we had to keep trimming it, it would be costly and a huge headache.

At that point some slight panic seeped into her voice, and she offered to pay for the trimming herself; in other words, we wouldn’t have to do a thing nor pay a single penny.

A better man would have said yes.

Sorry, you asked for it!

But by this point, I was a bitter man.

I kept a concerned face and told her if I ever left (no plans to because of my mom’s health) my mom would have to deal with it, and I wouldn’t want her to have to keep checking in with the neighbor for fear of a fine.

At the end of the day: our tree, our fine, our decision. I left shortly after.

The tree came down that weekend. And so did the neighbor’s blinds to her bedroom.

A few years since then, and as of yet I still haven’t seen them go back up.

And to think, if she had just asked nicely, we would still be trimming those branches at no cost to her…”

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