June 18, 2024 at 1:44 am

Rude Neighbor Intentionally Brings Their Dog Next Door To Let It Do Its Business, So She Gets Revenge And Returns A Smelly Favor

by Heide Lazaro

Source: Reddit/AITA/Canva

Imagine your fresh, pristine lawn being the go-to spot for the neighbor’s dog when they’re doing their business.

Everyone would be annoyed by this, for sure.

This female homeowner narrates how her neighbor intentionally brings their dog into her yard and lets it do its business there.

Even after a polite request to stop doing it, the neighbor continues to do so.

She comes up with a smart idea on how to solve this. Read more below.

AITA for taking my dogs to a specific neighbor’s house to go potty?

Backstory: We live in an HOA subdivision.

They demand we keep our yards nice, including eliminating weeds and “unappealing spots in the yard.” (Which dog pee/poo can cause).

Here comes the big, stinking problem.

The neighbor beside me brings her medium-sized dog, and lets it go in my yard.

Last week, I was coming home and spotted her, and I rolled my window down and said, “Ma’am, can you please not let your dog go in our yard, or clean it up?”

She immediately tries to tell me that she was in her yard, so I point out the boundary line stake, and assure her that she is in fact, on my property.

She is tripping over her words at this point, and then says, “Well, I don’t want him going in MY yard.”

She tries to answer back politely.

I’ve remained calm, and said, “Ma’am, I work really hard to keep my yard nice. There are chemicals sprayed on the lawn for weeds, and I am told it’s not entirely safe for dogs.”

“Not to mention, I have a large rottweiler, and he stays in the house or in the backyard.

If he is outside, and should he escape, I don’t want a run-in with animal control should a fight happen when you and your dog are on my property.”

She gets huffy and leaves.

Just when she thinks the neighbor finally backed off…

Not 20 minutes ago, I am preparing to go check the mail, and at this point, she is letting her dog poop directly in front of my house, clearly on my property.

No bag to clean it up with. Nothing.

I remain silent.

Now, it’s time for her sweet but petty revenge.

Once she has gone, I leashed up my rottweiler and chihuahua, and go for a walk to HER front lawn, where the rottweiler proceeds to mark her mailbox, and my chihuahua takes a great dane-sized poop in her yard.

I waved at her camera, and walked back home.

My husband says I’m being petty, but I pay $140/month for my lawn to look nice, and I have enough respect (for everyone, except this neighbor) to keep my dogs out of their yard.


That was amusing. Let’s see what other people have to say.

Uh oh! A war is coming.

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You get what you give, right?

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Here are several options for OP from a commenter.

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And here’s one more, but this time, involving the HOA.

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And, yup, don’t forget the legal side of things.

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What else can I say?

What goes around comes around!

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