June 7, 2024 at 4:22 am

Cheapskate Boss Insisted They Chip In For Pizza, So They Got Revenge By Stuffing A Bunch Of Pennies Under Her Office Door

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Good God, people!

If you’re the boss and you’re getting food for your workers, just foot the bill, leave a decent tip, and let it go!

But you know how some people can be…

Check out what this person did when their boss decided they they wanted to act like a cheapskate.

Cheapskate Boss.

“I worked as a shift supervisor in a department of about 60 employees.

Every year there is a designated week to celebrate our profession.

Every year the department director volun-told the shift supervisors that we were all chipping in to buy pizza for the department to help celebrate.

The first annoyance was that I worked night shift, so she would order the pizza and give me a check to pay for it (this was after we had all contributed whatever amount she determined to be our individual share).

Oh, boy…

Every year, she would order about 6 pizzas for the shift….and include a $2 tip for the driver.

Naturally, I was mortified and I’d end up kicking in my own money for a reasonable tip.

When I brought it up to her, she looked at me blankly and said she never tipped more than $2 for delivery.

The final straw was the last year she worked there. She had figured out the pizza bill and determined we all owed $15.75.

Pizza day comes and goes, with me (of course) chipping in another $10 out of pocket toward the tip.


I open my work email, and see that she sent all the shift supervisors a message: she had miscalculated the pizza bill, so we all needed to pay her another $1.65.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair, as she would be paying in more than we had.

Might as well get even…

At first I saw red. Then I dreamed up my revenge. As I said, I worked nights.

So the next night, I spent quite a bit of time flicking 165 pennies under her office door.

Then I emailed her to let her know I’d left the money in her office. Never heard another word, but I’m sure she crawled around and picked every penny up.”

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Talk about a penny pincher!

And I’m sorry, but the guy deserves a tip.

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