June 12, 2024 at 11:55 pm

They Got Suspended For No Reason, So They Left A Smelly Present Behind In A Work Truck

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

Some people are just so petty, they can’t help it.

They get pushed. and done dirty and all they can do is get petty as hell to get revenge.

This worker falls into that category!

Take a look at what they did…

Suspended me for no reason? Ok, I quit. Enjoy the smell in your new truck.

“I got word that my office was firing some people and it was due to less hours to go around, funny enough they are still posting on indeed for “new workers”.

That said, my bestie who taught me a lot in the industry, was on the chopping block and was let go.

However it wasn’t all her fault, she was a “new hire”. She fell with the three months probation time.

Not saying the job was bad but it has been six-seven months since my work bestie left and I was going to leave when she did but the company kept stringing me along with promises of more hours, and a better work truck.

So I stayed.

Last week Friday, one of my foreman told me to my face that the girl beside me was better at her job than me.

It hurt my feelings but I moved on.

Monday morning my bosses call me and asked “why I wasn’t allowed back on that site I was on Friday”.

They were about to get screwed over.

I said I had no clue, but because of that, they took me off the schedule for three-four days. Days off I didn’t ask for.

They also punished me for a contract that ended a month ago due to me doing something someone senior than me told me to do. Which is not relevant to the story.

They lack the communication to tell me I was suspended.

So I called a friend from an old company yesterday and asked if he was busy with work and he told me he was.

I moved over to his company.

I’m outta here!

While I did that, I called my other job and told them I quit.

They gave me some run around answer and demanded I come in and work for them on Thursday when I wasn’t on the schedule, in fact they tried to tell me I was scheduled all week, but they cancelled my shifts before they started (??).

Which baffled me, I said no, that I thought they were suspending me since I had all these days off.

I proceeded to tell them, I had received an offer and I took it and I would like somebody to pick up my work truck.

Since they were so accommodating to me to not tell me about me being suspended.

They told me to take time out of my personal day to drive to the office and drop it off.

Now I know they are a good company but their business practices are not good.

To send a message that they stink… I took 6 “black ice” little air freshener trees, and I stink bombed the work truck.

Take that!

I put one in the rearview mirror, to at least say there was one in there to make it smell nice but it’s the other five they will be looking for. That’s what will make it stink for a long time to come.

I know they switch the trucks often so that beast will be making some poor person’s eyes water for months on end.

To me the black ice smell gives me a headache.

I will let you know if my plan works out. my bestie still keeps tabs on people over there so I won’t be surprised of how well this turns out.”

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What’s that smell…?

I hope it takes them a while to figure it out!

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