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She Ironed Out Legal Issues For Their Family Home And Sold It For $36K. Her Mom And Sister Didn’t Pay The Fees And Refused To Help, But Now They Want A Share.

by Heide Lazaro

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Here’s another story of a family conflict about money.

Often, when money is involved, you will see the true color of the people around you, even your family members!

And I think this is a good thing because it will help you decide who to reward and who not to.

As in the case of OP, when she got $36k from selling their family house and refused to share it with her mom and sister. Find out why!

AITAH for not giving my family a $1 for selling the family home

Years ago, my grandparents helped my mother get a house for stability.

As we grew up, we moved out, leaving the house vacant due to my mother’s husband’s disinterest.

In 2016, I asked for the house, but my mother refused, citing issues with my children’s father.

OP eventually got the house.

Then in 2021, she agreed, and I moved in with my kids, renovating the house and paying dues using my own money.

In 2022, a stranger came looking for my mother and sister, hinting at a potential legal issue.

I discovered the HOA wanted to sue them for unpaid fees.

Her mom and sister missed years of payments.

My mother agreed to pay in 2017, but stopped, selling the house to my sister in 2019, who also didn’t pay.

Then, my sister gave it back to my mom, and then back to me.

I paid my fees after moving in, but the debt had accumulated from their non payment.

Until the house has become a foreclosure.

At a court hearing, the judge ruled in favor of the HOA, leading to foreclosure.

I tried getting loans, but failed.

My mother refused to help.

And she decided to sell.

During a visit, her husband demanded me not to sell the house, fearing legal consequences.

I told him to either pay the debt or I sell the home.

I sold the house, received $30k after all fees were paid, and looked for me a new place.

Now, her family resents her for not giving them part of the sale.

My family doubted the sale, and my sister was angry at not receiving a share.

My mother demanded $11k for paying off the mortgage back in 2015.

Lawyers advised me that I could countersue for the entire $56k debt.

My family’s resentment grew.

Presently, I find myself embroiled in conflicts with my family, questioning whether I am at fault for the prevailing circumstances.

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