Apr 18, 2012

Boy With Leukemia Becomes Batman for a Day



Kye is a 7-year-old Arlington, Texas native suffering from Leukemia. It’s always been his wish to be Batman, and on Saturday April 14, 2012 with the assistance of the Arlington Police and Fire Departments in conjunction with the non-profit ‘A Wish with Wings‘, that dream came true!

The day started at 10am when the Joker tried to rob a bank. Batman showed up in the nick of time to foil the robbery, putting away the Joker for good. Batman then proceeded to stop a purse thief when reports of the Riddler planting a car bomb came through the wire. Batman quickly stepped into action, stopping the Riddler dead in his tracks.

The day ended with the city giving Kye a key to the city for his bravery and heroics. Check out the gallery and video below for a recap of the day. For more information, check out the Arlington Police department on Facebook!





















































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