April 25, 2024 at 6:33 pm

‘It’s still daddy?’ – He Shaved His Mustache, But Wasn’t Expecting His Toddler’s Big Reaction To The Change

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx

People tend to be creatures of habit, and little kids especially thrive on being able to know what’s going to happen every hour of the day.

So, when you make a massive change to your appearance, they’re definitely going to notice!

This dad should probably have expected the huge drama that happened when he decided to shave his mustache.

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx

Proud daddy @therealprofessorx shared a clip that went viral because A) his son is the cutest and B) most parents can sympathize with this sort of unexpected drama.

The video shows the little boy, Sonny, in shock when he sees his dad’s facial hair is gone gone.

“You take you mustache off?” the little boy asks. ”

My mustache is gone,” the dad responds.

But the child is NOT impressed.

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx
The little boy looks away and then the cutest bit.

“It’s still daddy?” he asks.

The father then asks the child if he’s sad and with an “Uh huh” it seems the kid really is downhearted.

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx
“I’m sorry,” the father tells his child. The boy crouches down by the couch and looks solemn. He doesn’t recognise his dad now that his mustache has gone!

The good news is he’s three, so by the following day he’ll probably forget his dad ever had a mustache to begin with.

Watch the full clip here:


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That doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx

Hairy subject!

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx

Kids are too cute!

Source: TikTok/@therealprofessorx

This is a watershed moment for sure.

At least now he knows it’s daddy no matter the hair on his face.

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