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A Customer Wouldn’t Stop Screaming On The Phone And Insulting Them, So They Decided To Play Along And Drive Her Nuts

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I worked at a call center when I was in high school and college and let me tell you, some of those folks on the other end of the line can get CRAZY.

So, how is a worker supposed to handle such a caller?

Just like this person did!

Check out what happened!

Please Stop Talking.

“I work for a call center. We handle customer questions, complaints, and help process transactions on the person’s account.

3rd call of the day, I receive a distressed woman who is needing to take out a withdrawal to help pay for rent because she received a notice to vacate. I give my usual greeting and let her know I’ll be helping her today.

I set up my plan of going over her contact information and them providing information on any withdrawal availability.

This didn’t go well…

I start with confirming her address and all hell breaks loose.

She proceeded to scream at me when I attempted to give her instructions on how to update the address. She told me very boldly that she will not be calling anyone and that it is my job to fix the problem.

Due to her employment status, I am unable to update address information and we have to send them back to their HR for an update. I kept trying to explain it to her on why I couldn’t but she wouldn’t listen.

They were trying…

When I was finally able to get a word in, I explained to her that I would be unable to process her withdrawal request for her reasons stated. Due to an IRS guideline the address on file must match the address on the notice. Since it does not, I could not help her. Oh boy, she then started screaming at me.

She kept telling me that it’s my fault this happened and that I need to fix this situation. Now, my job has a zero tolerance for escalated participants.

I could have easily put her on hold and reached out to our escalations team. I decided that I would keep the call because she wasn’t threatening me in any way, just being unreasonable.

And then she said it…

I attempted again to give her information on who she could speak with but she kept talking over me.

I finally hear her blurt out, “Stop talking. You talk too much and you’re not answering my questions.”

Cue the malicious compliance.

I went silent. She started talking and asked questions. I didn’t say a peep. I should have put her on hold but I decided to see what else she had to say while I was doing what she asked.

After a few minutes, I honestly thought she was going to hang up, I finally chimed in. “Oh. Did you want me to speak now? Because earlier you didn’t want to hear what information I was trying to give you. Are you ready for it now?”

She was still screaming at me. I attempted one more time to get her the information she was wanting but she wouldn’t stop talking over me. I even paused quite a few times so she could just say whatever other nonsense she had to say.

Eventually, she hung up out of frustration. I reiterated a few times that I want to help her but I will not fight for the right to speak over her.”

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I think I’d lose my mind at that job these days…

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