Dec 13, 2012

The Most Perfectly Timed Graphic Overlays in Sports



Yesterday, Redditor iR3C0N7 posted a perfectly timed graphic overlay of former Liverpool football manager Rafael Benitez. Like most sports broadcasts, graphic overlays are used to show statistics, game information and player names.

In the comment section, other Redditors contributed more examples of perfectly timed graphic overlays in sports. Below you will find the top 5. If you know of any other perfectly timed overlays, please let us know in the comments!

[via iR3C0N7, Plagiarismo, barf314, duck867, PeruTheGnar]


Rafael Benitez

rafael benitez perfect timing animated gif graphic overlay



Robin van Persie

perfect timing soccer goal animated gif



C.C. Sabathia

cc sabathia spiderman perfectly timed graphic overlay animated gif



Rob Ryan

rob ryan animated gif perfectly timed graphic overlay



Steve Novak

steve novak animated gif perfect timing graphic overlay




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