Jul 2, 2015

Picture of the Day: Cherry Blossoms in Japan

cherry blossoms in japan Picture of the Day: Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Photographer Unknown


The annual blooming of cherry blossoms (sakura) in Japan is one of the country’s most popular cultural events. The blossoming begins in Okinawa in January and typically reaches Kyoto and Tokyo at the end of March or the beginning of April. It then proceeds into areas of higher altitudes and northward, arriving in Hokkaidō a few weeks later. Much of the country pays close attention to the sakura blooming forecasts and turn out in large numbers at parks, shrines and temples around the country. [source]

In Japan, the traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers in bloom is known as Hanami. In most cases it refers to cherry blossoms (“sakura”) and sometimes plum blossoms (“ume”).

A reverse image search on Google and Tineye did not uncover the original photographer of this photo, although it appears on countless wallpaper and photo websites. If anyone knows who took this breathtaking image please let us know in the comments below!



picture of the day button Picture of the Day: Cherry Blossoms in Japan

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