April 26, 2024 at 2:39 pm

This Guy Unboxed A $20K Tiny Home He Bought On Amazon. Thirteen Million People Had Pretty Mixed Opinions.

by Laura Lynott

Source: YouTube/@Unspeakable

The urge to get on the property ladder is huge but with the average wage at $59,000 and the average home sitting at $387,000, it can be tough to even find the bottom rung.

Now, over 17m people have tuned in to a hugely viral video of a YouTuber who bought and unboxed his Amazon home that cost just $20k.

Source: YouTube/@Unspeakable

The prefabricated home is 19 by 20-foot and comes with a bathroom, shower and kitchen cabinets.

The buyer just needs to unbox it and and get maintenance guys to do the rest.

YouTuber Unspeakable shared the clip and it really ignited the interest of Americans, many of whom are struggling to buy their own homes.

“No way, it’s legit. Looks kinda small.”

Source: YouTube/@Unspeakable
He then spots an additional part of the house and unfolds it. He realizes actually the house is bigger than he thought.

“Yo, the entire house has to fold out, kinda like a puzzle.”

And bam, an extension and another one on the other side!

“Bro, this thing is so easy to build. You literally just unfold it.”

Unspeakable and his two friends fill the house with furniture but they then realize there’s no electrical outlets. So, they bring a generator in to try it out.

Source: YouTube/@Unspeakable
All seems to go well but for some reason they then decide to put furniture on the roof but hey, it still holds up, luckily for them.

If people want to escape the huge rental trap, this could really be the answer BUT you would need to buy land for a DIY home like this.

According to Landsearch.com, the average cost of one acre of land in the U.S is around $16,000 – all together, still much cheaper than most traditional homes.

The Amazon prefab house might be the answer to the American dream of owning a home, which is increasingly out of reach for many!

Watch the full clip here:

Here’s what people thought of the clip:

This guy just wants to set up some kind of virtual gym sesh.

Source: YouTube/@Unspeakable

Lot of folk loving the prefabricated home!

Source: YouTube/@Unspeakable

A lot of the commenters seemed very intrigued.

Source: YouTube/Unspeakable

We have quite a few questions related to like, weatherproofing.

But honestly could see this catching on.

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