April 26, 2024 at 1:27 pm

Her Sister Insists Her Daughter Isn’t White. When Her Nephew Draws A Family Picture She Tells Him To “Make Her Look Darker”.

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels/DominikaRoseclay

Families are complicated.

Sometimes, there’s old resentments and frustrations that seem to always rear their head at the worst of times.

For this person and her sister, things got sticky when their kids got involved.

I don’t know how I would have reacted in this situation, but things got messy fast.

Let’s get into it…

AITA for telling my sister to accept her daughter is white?

“Both me (33F) and my sister (27F) are caucasian latinas. However, she’s always been more tan than me, a fact she’s always been very proud of.

For reference, my skin tone is close to Aubrey Plaza’s, while hers is closer to Gina Rodriguez’s.

When we were younger, she would constantly talk about how “European” I looked compared to her, how my hair looked more blonde than brown (which no one ever agreed with), and how certain colors I liked looked awful on me due to my skin tone.

That seems pretty petty of the younger sister…

I almost never said anything because I was six years older and had better things to do. Also, while I did have many insecurities, I never doubted I was beautiful.

Fast forward to now, we both have kids. My husband is a little more tan than me, and both our children (8M and 3F) have the same skin tone as their father.

My sister’s ex (and baby daddy), however, was a very pale Swiss guy.

My niece (5F) is a fair-skinned girl with dark blonde hair, while my daughter is more tan and has dark brown hair.

Oh how the tables have turned!

Everyone agrees that both girls are beautiful, but their skin tones have always bugged my sister.

She insists that both girls are equally tan, that her daughter’s hair is light brown, and that my daughter spends “too much time in the sun.”

Last weekend, we all had dinner at my father’s place. My son brought his notebook and drew pictures of everyone at the table.

He colored my daughter’s skin a darker shade than my niece.

He also gave my niece yellow hair and colored my daughter’s hair black (he lost his brown pencil).

When we showed us the drawings, my sister frowned.

She said he was “exaggerating his cousin’s features”, and that he could “at least make her hair darker.”

Woah, seems like a bit of a stretch!

When my niece said she loved the drawing, my sister told her it looked nothing like her, and insisted my son was doing this on purpose.

Before the kids could get upset, I pulled my sister aside and told her she was being ridiculous.

We had a (very small) fight in the next room.

Near its end, I said something along the lines of, “Listen to me. Your daughter is white. We’re all white. You need to accept that and stop comparing the girls if you don’t want (niece’s name) to become insecure.”

Cue the mic drop!

We left shortly afterwards and none of the kids have brought anything up again.

My sister is mad at me.

She told both our (divorced) parents about our fight.

Our father thinks I shouldn’t have commented on my niece’s appearance, and wants me to apologize to my sister. Our mom thinks this is dumb (I agree), but says my sister is overreacting. AITA?”

Let’s see what Reddit thinks about this.

This commenter is on point.


This person thinks she should get her definitions in check.


Another commenter is worried about the kids.


Finally, this Reddit user said it point blank.


So it seems we’re all in agreement here…

This poster is NTA and her sister needs to think about how she talks to her family!

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