January 4, 2010 at 8:58 am

2009 Year in Review

by twistedsifter

2009 year in review 2009 Year in Review

Over 400 posts and 1.3 million page views later, TwistedSifter has completed an incredible inaugural year. To herald the year to come, let’s look back at the year that was, and reminisce about some of the most popular posts from 2009.

Before we delve deeper, I want to thank the readers of this site for all of their support, comments, and feedback. How the site began and how you see it today is shaped in large part by insights and input from our incredible community. THANK YOU x infinity, you are greatly appreciated.


Nature’s Revenge by Ludo
syringe needle cactus street art ludo natures revenge 2009 Year in Review

Gears of Bore: The World’s First Belt-Driven Watch
belt driven watch monaco v4 tag heuer 2009 Year in Review

The Bladeless Fan</a
bladeless fan by dyson fan with no blade 2009 Year in Review

3D Insanity with Only Four Letters
daim gallery exhibit graf 2009 Year in Review

Stormtrooper Inspired Art and Design

stormwalking stormtrooper moonwalking 2009 Year in Review


The Most Popular Tourist Attraction in the World
plitvice lakes national park croatia unesco world hertiage site jack brauer 2009 Year in Review

– One of TwistedSifter’s most popular articles to date, it started with a link from NotCot and Reddit
– It then became popular on Twitter after some influential users (e.g., The Cool Hunter, ArchDaily and PetaPixel) ‘tweeted’ the article

The Highest Waterfall in the World
angel falls highest waterfall in the world 2009 Year in Review

The Largest Animal Ever
blue whale largest creature ever 2009 Year in Review

10 Amazing Facts About Jellyfish
jellyfish colorful 2009 Year in Review

Living Art: Stunning Aqua Forest Aquariums
3rd place 2009 Year in Review


The Most Expensive Place in Brooklyn, New York
the most expensive place in brooklyn 2009 Year in Review

Industrial Renovation: The Giant Gasometers of Vienna
g city the gasometers of vienna conversion gas tanks 2009 Year in Review

Re-Imagining the Super-Yacht: Wally Hermès Yachts
wally hermes yacht why 2009 Year in Review

Canopy Living: The Ultimate Tree House
ultimate tree house design robert harvey oshatz 2009 Year in Review

An Elegant Solution to a Long and Narrow Space
long and narrow space solution 2009 Year in Review


Why Nerds Rule: Luis Von Ahn and reCAPTCHA
luis von ahn 2009 Year in Review

– Another one of TwistedSifter’s most popular articles, it all started with a Stumbleupon submission
– It then hit Twitter with a bang thanks to the highly influential and very lovely BuzzEdition
– This led to influential retweets from social media mavens like: Alyssa Milano, Virginia Madsen, Zaibatsu, Dudeman718 and Adamsconsulting
– The last three may not be household names like Alyssa Milano or Virginia Madsen, but they have great influence and authority in social media, and it gave this little site some incredible exposure, so thank you influencers!

Can Your Boat Dive 100 Feet Under Water?

yellow submarine boat 2009 Year in Review

Experience The Joy of Flight in the Icon A5 Light Sport Aircraft
icon a5 light sport aircraft personal private jet plane 2009 Year in Review

A Brief Introduction to 3D Printing and Scanning
leno 3d scanner and printer 2009 Year in Review

INSANE: yellowBird 3D Video Technology With Full 360 Viewing
yellobird video player 2009 Year in Review


TwistedSifter’s Amazing Animated Gifs Compilation
animated gifs screen cap 2009 Year in Review

– Way back in April ’09 when we had about 12 readers, the Sifter released their first string of YouTube videos using the basic yet serviceable Windows Movie Maker
– While not receiving many views or any comments, it did mark a significant change from a link blog to a content producer
– It was early posts like this that influenced the decision to switch from simply posting links to ‘cool articles’ to writing some of our own

The Roots – What they do | Lyrics, Audio and Music Video
the roots group shot legendary crew black and white 2009 Year in Review

Soko – I’ll Kill Her | Brilliant Fan-Made Music Video
soko ill kill her 2009 Year in Review


The Musings of Mike Tyson – Motivational Quotes
mike tyson on humility 2009 Year in Review

– This was another of TwistedSifter’s most popular posts to date
– It was the first article that made it to the Reddit front page, which promptly caused a major traffic spike and forced the site to be shut down by our [former] host providers
– After another site shutdown thanks to the awesome power of Reddit, TwistedSifter switched hosts in December ’09

What Costs $1.3 Billion, Holds 111,000 people and Has the World’s Biggest TV?
biggest hd tv in the world dalls cowboys stadium new 2009 Year in Review

How to Lose $1.93 Million in 7 Hands of Poker
wsop final table cash jamie gold1 2009 Year in Review

The Longest Par 3 in the World, 900 Yards | Legend Golf & Safari Resort – South Africa
19th at legend golf course 2 2009 Year in Review

Roger Williamson and the Dutch Grand Prix Tragedy of 1973
roger williamson crash 1973 dutch grand prix zandvoort f1 2009 Year in Review


Picture of the Day – December 10, 2009
curvy bridge atlantic road norway 2009 Year in Review

And last but certainly not least is our reader’s favourite weekly post, the FRIDAY SHIRK REPORT, which highlights 20 images, 10 articles and 5 videos from the previous week of sifting.

After 38 volumes of the weekly time-waster, our readers can expect to see the report published every Friday at 8:58 am EST from now til eternity.

2010 is going to be amazing! I hope you come back soon and continue to enjoy the content in this little place on the Internet.