Jul 11, 2011

Picture of the Day: Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions

picture of the day Picture of the Day: Cool Guys Dont Look at Explosions




cool guys dont look at explosions zach galifianakis ad miles Picture of the Day: Cool Guys Dont Look at Explosions
Photograph by JOSH THORNE

The Claw Productions says

Director: Michael Blieden
Producer: Inman Young
Producers: Zach Galifianakis, A.D. Miles

Blieden’s notes: That’s right, we blew the sh!t out of a mobile home in Shreveport, Louisiana. This image has not been photoshopped at all, so yes A.D. Miles was really on fire. Zach totally kept his cool, and the camera you see in the center of the frame was shooting slow motion. We only had one take to get this right and as you can see there were a lot of elements to coordinate. But it worked out somehow and the shot we got was awesome! Many thanks to UPM Josh Throne who took this photo while the rest of us were sh!tting in our pants.

This project began as a small presentation that Zach and A.D. wanted to shoot during the first part of ’07. Then they pitched it to Comedy Central and the whole thing got a lot bigger. This is by far the most complex and ambitious thing I’ve directed to date. As always, Inman Young was in stellar form wrangling not only some kickass pyro, but also car chases, an evil tow truck, racing lawnmowers, a crossbow, and 200 chickens. [Source]


The Claw Productions via Reddit