Jan 20, 2012

The Shirk Report – Volume 145



Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find the 20 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

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Stay sifty my friends 🙂



Great moments in family picture history
Poo tactics
Strategic sticker placement
How to take the last doughnut
Touchscreen. It’s amazing
Coincidence? I think not
A helping hand helps a helping hand
A new take on the ‘tourist shot’ at the leaning tower of Pisa
Just viewing this pic makes my hands sweat. Yes that is a homemade weapon
Good question right?
For science
This is what happens when you try to swallow a TBSP of cinnamon. Try it and take a picture please
Up Yours Mark!
Injurious Insult: The 360 teabag
Similar but different
Golden Globes photopbombing
Guy Poses 101
Men in the baby food department
Vandal sabotages political posters with a poster of his own
Wedding of the decade



30 Examples of Photoshop Disasters
17 Big Companies That Are Insanely Religious
The Wreck of the Costa Concordia [27 pics]
“I Hope SOPA Passes” – an epic rant by Maddox
Giant collection of vintage WTF photographs
The Rise of the New Groupthink (Some interesting reader comments as well, sort by Reader/NYT picks)
World’s smallest, largest and thinnest at CES 2012 [In Photos]
Scientists gear up to take a picture of the black hole
The actors inside famous costumes
Here’s a copy of the Megaupload indictment

















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