February 12, 2012 at 10:02 pm

Picture of the Day: A Sea of Purple in the Badlands of Utah

by twistedsifter




purple flowers field badlands of utah Picture of the Day: A Sea of Purple in the Badlands of Utah


This is an incredible capture by photographer Guy Tal of a rare event in the badlands of Utah that occurs every few years when the conditions are just right and the arid lands burst into color with carpets of scorpionweed and beeplant.

A badlands (also badland) is a type of dry terrain where softer sedimentary rocks and clay-rich soils have been extensively eroded by wind and water. It can resemble malpaís, a terrain of volcanic rock. Canyons, ravines, gullies, hoodoos and other such geological forms are common in badlands.

As for Guy, well he explains best what he does in his own words:

It’s a strange business I’m in; one often misunderstood. There’s no real word for what I do and maybe it’s time to put a name to it. My job is to be inspired. I make my living conveying the inspiration I find to others, in various ways. I photograph, I write, I teach, I interact. What does that make me? My photography is not about making photographs; my writing is not about words; my teaching is not about facts; and my interactions are not about being social. There’s a higher ulterior purpose – the experience. Am I an experiencer?